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Adam Blake

Adam is a freelance performer, with interests in clown, puppetry, fooling and physical theatre. He really likes making theatre shows, all types and with lots of different people and companies.

He is one of the founders of Open Attic Company. A collective of artists who would like to make things together or make things with others or maybe just make things by themselves, but with some nice support.

Based in Bristol, Open Attic was formed during the making of Adam's solo show "Birth & Death & Here & Now".

Adam's freelance work includes two internationally touring shows with Pickled Image ("Shop of Little Horrors" and "Coulrophobia"), the site specific Christmas show at Muncaster Castle "By the Light of the Fool Moon" with Hocket and Hoot and works frequently with The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol (including their Christmas show "Se7en Dwarfs"). He's also worked with Soap Soup Theatre, The Original Spinners, Second Hand Dance, The Invisible Circus, Juncture Theatre, Miles Tone Films, Fried Gold Theatre and Smoking Puppet Cabaret.


Key Projects

Birth & Death & Here & Now

Birth & Death & Here & Now is about exactly those things; the most important moments of our lives. The moment of birth, the moment of death and the moment that is happening right now. The show explores each moment with a joyful mix of childish freedom and the hindsight of life experience, drawing on the real feelings and experiences of Adam and the people present in the room. We meet ourselves in baby form, we are confronted by one of the many possible manifestations of death and we are thrown into the NOW with Adam as he seeks to ride the moment that we are all living together. The show gives voice to intimate thoughts, confronts universal fears and embraces the possibilities of accepting that some things are inevitable, but that also in the present, anything really is possible. BDHN was made with Open Attic Company.