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Alex Fung


07751 938 539


A Motion Graphics/VFX designer from a traditional fine arts education.

I love drawing and painting. I work in motion graphics and visual effects.

I started my career in 2004. I made a feature film for my final year uni project which received 'Best Independent Film' in the press. I've been working in tv/film production ever since.


- After Effects
- Photoshop
- Film Maker
- Storyboarding


I'm always on the look out for fun visual effects projects. If you have a film I can help with, feel free to hit me up.

Key Projects

Andy McNabs Tour of Duty

Working on motion graphics for this series on the History Channel.

50 Things You Need To Know About British History

Creating motion graphics and VFX for this series on the History Channel.

Flaunt Ident

Creating a 3D animation sequence for the channel Flaunt.

Pop Kids

Illustrating the cartoon backgrounds and animating the character Rorry for program links on Pop Kids.

SONY ROLLY ERA commercial

I was Head Production Designer on this futuristic Claw FIlms project in 2008.

STICKMEN short film

About a boy at school with a phobia of paper (Papyrophobia). Directed & Produced by Alex Fung

NOWHERE FM short film

Everyone has turned to ash. A tale of one man trying to find survivors. Directed & Produced by Alex Fung

EPIC super short action film

Directed and Produced by Alex Fung.

Factomania BBC

I worked on the motion graphics for this 10 part BBC science series at 360 Production.

New Secrets of the Terrcotta Warriors - Channel 4

I worked on the map animations and icons on this eye opening documentary at 422 South.

ALPHASHPHERE advert 2014

Creating the VFX on the videos for this futuristic musical instrument at Nu Desine.

ALIEN CREEPS ipad game 2014

My Motion Graphics work with After Effects CC for a computer game sting. Client: Outplay Entertainment.

THOMAS & FRIENDS Tales of the Brave advert 2014

Motion Graphics with After Effects CC for the Thomas and Friends 'Tale of the Brave' advert.