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Becks Hemus

I am a spatial designer with a specialism in event design, set & stage design, decor & dressing- basically anything involving scenic construction! I am also interested in design for performance, interactive display and temporary installation, and am happy in pretty much any role within these spheres- from painting bricks or similar to managing large scale areas!

I also undertake production management roles, for staged productions as well as events.

Please click on the below link for my current CV.



Key Projects

Eden Project Den Building 2009

Cornish Beach come Shanty Town come Shipwrecked Cove- Design for covered 'stage' area designated for workshops and den building with some hefty bamboo and canvas materials.

The Big Lunch

Decor for Demonstration Booths at the Eden Project in preparation for The Big Lunch 2009- created spaces were to be kitsch, brightly coloured, with room for demo's and a good nosey. 'Outside' booth included pots with pens and plates for writing about your neighbourhood.

Boomtown Fair 2011

Project manager for Downtown area. Work includes: design, sourcing, get in, managing during festival, take out.

Boomtown Fair 2012

Project manager for the Downtown area of the festival. Billboard graffiti piece by 3Dom & Voyder

Mischief Festival

Stage and decor manager for 'enchanted forest' themed main stage at the festival

Adventures in the Skin Trade (ASM)

An adaption of Dylan Thomas' short story produced by Theatr Iolo for the 100 anniversary festival