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Becky Louise Rich

I am an actor, facilitator and workshop creator/leader based in Exeter and working in the Devon area and beyond. I have a BA (hons) in Drama from the University of Exeter where I graduated in 2012. I catered my degree to work predominantly in Applied Drama and Theatre where I worked on many projects with young people in Devon Youth Theatre as well as care leavers and projects designed specifically for vulnerable young people.

 Since graduating I have worked at Exeter College in a number of roles including a Support Worker for NEETS on an engagement programme, an Enabler working with young people with specific difficulties such as emotional and behavioural when it comes to Classroom Environments. I now work as a lecturer, teaching on A level Drama, BTEC Acting, Performing Arts and Stage Management.

I am continuing to act and run workshops in my spare time, currently working in short film projects in the Exeter and Devon areas. 

If you are interested in working with me or in my workshops or even to make a new creative contact, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am keen to make more contacts in the Exeter and Devon area and expand my freelance work. Let’s bring more creativity to Exeter!


My facilitating and workshop experience includes:

  • Big Foot Arts and Education - Summer Schools, Respect Week, Transition assembly and workshops (primary schools)
  • Magic Carpet and D'ARTS (art charities for adults with learning disabilities) - "Play in a Day" - my own created drama workshop usually including puppet and instrument making and performing
  • Headbangers Theatre Company - Healthy Lifestyles Project linked with University of Exeter Medical School (primary schools)
  • University of Exeter Drama Department - Numerous care leaver and vulnerable young people projects including "Community - what do you mean?" with Geese Theatre Company
  • DAISI and Exeter Northcott - Devon Youth Theatre 


My Acting experience includes:

  • Tribes and Tribulations  - Substance & Shadow Theatre.

Tribes and Tribulations is set against the bleak political landscape of Thatcher’s Britain and  tells the story of four diverse characters, who momentarily escape the tribulations of their everyday lives and descend upon the anarchic, vibrant, multicultural madness of a free festival.

In a muddy field in deepest, darkest Wales, the tribes are gathering to exercise their right to party and four individuals embark on a unique journey, each of them searching for personal resolution with life changing results.

The Blackmore Theatre, Exmouth Festival 23rd and 28th May

Cygnet Theatre, Exeter 1st June

Barnfield Theatre, Exeter 12th and 13th June

Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol 26th June


  • Doctor Who, Seasons of War short - 'Seasons of War' is an unofficial short film, which features the character of the War Doctor from the BBC TV series, and has been created to help promote an anthology of specially-commissioned stories about him - all in aid of the UK charity, Caudwell Children.
  • Roles: Narrator, Artist woman



  • A Company of Wolves - Burn the Curtain Theatre company - a promenade and site specific performance for walkers and runners, based on Angela Carters A Company of Wolves.
  • Roles played - Nun


  • Two Feet Tall (short film - in production) - a story of an everywoman's daily struggles though life - told entirely from the point of view of her feet...
  • Role played: Main role - "our woman"





  • Five Lives - a powerful verbatim piece based on the lives of five incredible women who have suffered with homelessness, drug abuse and addiction, alcoholism, self harm and domestic violence. Through creative writing workshops these women found a way to express themselves and the journey's they have been on, and these eye opening pieces have been created into a book and now a stage production. Performed at Exeter Ignite Festival, Cygnet Theatre, 2014. Written by Daniel Loveday and Directed by John Somers. (video link to come)
  •  Roles played: Cat, a recovering drug addict/drug addict

                                    Male thug - stage combat

                                    Doctor delivering bad news


  • Big Foot Arts and Education - Respect week/Transition assembly
  •  Roles Played: Monologues - girl being bullied, bully, onlooker, motivational speaker, new year 7 at secondary school


  • NHS Simulators - an actor for GP doctor examinations as patient, family member or colleague
  •  Roles played: Upset neighbour of eldery gentleman

                                    Angry IBS patient

                                    Colleague witness


  • PEEL Entertainment – an actor for the junior doctors ISCE examinations (2nd and 4th year). Usually enacting particularly difficult patients with difficult or upsetting backstories
  •  Roles played: 30 year old vulnerable self-harmer

                                    Young parent - covering up child abuse

                                    Young professionals (multiple scenarios)

                                    37 weeks pregnant

                                    Mental health - OCD

                                    Angry mother over child's health


  • University of Exeter Psychology Department – NETMUMS
  •  Role played: Portrayed a young mother with post-natal depression for their online help website


  • MED Theatre – Adder - a site specific dance theatre piece on the legends and mythology on the Britain’s only venomous snake - the Adder (
  •  Role played: The Adder


  • Our Food – an actor for a project in London held with scientists and journalists about the nature of the food we eat.


  • BBC Radio 4 – ‘Back to Civvi Street’ – Radio play
  •  Role played: voice actor


  • Cockington Mannor, Torquay - Christmas installation
  •  Roles played: "Clumsy Elf" and "Magic Wishes Elf"


  • University of Exeter Drama Department - Hamletmachine, Theatre of Memory and Autobiography, Devon Youth Theatre, care leavers and youth projects.
  •  (ensemble work)


  • Medea, Liz Lochhead - theatre piece mixing script with divising. Played Medea's evil conscious - the one who convinces her to kill her children.

  • Shakers, John Godber and Jane Thornton - played all the multi roles:
  • "Lad"
  • Pompous film director
  • "dumb" checkout girl
  • party girl





Key Projects

Private Drama Tuition

I do private one-to-one drama projects with a young man with learning disabilities. The last project I did with him was to create an advert, where I set very specific lesson plans to take him through a real theatrical process where research must be done before the final product is in reach. After choosing his favourite topics after drama exercises in how to make any everyday object 'exciting' for the public, I aided him in creating his own logo, buzz words and then small script. I filmed him performing in the advert after aiding him to remember his lines and actions, and created a DVD for him to keep. I am currently organising space for us to do another project together.

Healthy Lifestyles

Working with Headbangers Theatre Company and the University of Exeter Medical school, I have been part of a team that tours a drama project to primary schools in the Devon area. The programme looks - through an interactive and engaging delivery of activities, scenes and group discussions - how to live more healthy lives. The children meet a set of four characters - each who have an aspect of their lives in which they are unhealthy, or can be a lot healthier. The children, in picking the character that they share the most in common with, help the character to kick their bad habits and try to live life more healthier - and in this one step removed process, finding ways in which they themselves can live much healthier lives. My role was the facilitator, and I ran the project in three primary schools.