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Bee Daws

I am a contemporay theatre artist based in the South West. I graduated from a Dartington Course studied at Falmouth University. 

My main field of work is puppetry. This includes making puppets, directing puppetry and also puppeteering. I have began basic independant training for Ventriloquism.

I am the artistic director of a small theatre company called 'Effigy.' A South West based contemporary puppetry company creating performances full of humour, heartbreak and heckling.

We aim to create puppetry for an adult audience, challenging the expectation and misconception that puppets have a whimsical nature only suitable for children's theatre.

I am also a teaching assistant involved with PQA.

I have a high interest in marketing, production, teching and stage management. I have also had a fair experience in costume and make up within traditional theatre.


Key Projects

Everything but the kitchen sink - EFFIGY

A short performance involving object manipulation and puppeteering. We used household objects and pre-made puppets to explore the concept of 'animating the inanimate object.' Story of the life and times of 'Bobbin' and his journey to escape his home; the caravan. A low budget performance full of humour, heartbreak and heckling! Devised, built and performed at The Performance Centre, Penryn. Falmouth University 2013.


Made twin puppets for a project involving myself and my twin sister.


Exploring the relationship between puppet and puppeteer through performance scores and exercises.