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Billy Kidd Show- Magician

Billy Kidd is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She has trained and worked as a professional actor and dancer since the age of 12. She is also the creator and conductor of Canada's Slappyfeatherwhistle Nose Flute Ensemble.

Billy Kidd has now been concentrating her time in the magical and conjuring arts. She works as a professional magician offering close up magic and stage shows. She has performed all over the world including the Magic Castle in Hollywood. She was picked out of hundreds of magicians in the UK to represent the O2 Load and Go Card. She also helped with Prof Bruce Hood on BBC for the Christmas Lectures and Billy Kidd stars in Discovery Channel's series Breaking Magic.

Even though Billy works primarily as a magician; her interest and love is in all the performing arts areas. As a highly trained actor and dancer her experience in the arts trancends to various areas. 

twitter: @Billykiddshow