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Listed as: Theatre Company

hello [at]

07767 337966

Unit 18 Albion Dockside Estate, Hanover Place
South West
indoor outdoor physical theatr

Bocadalupa is a performance and arts company founded by Amy Rose and Jenny Sanderson in 2001. We make original performances, events, playscapes and bespoke projects that playfully provoke a sense of wonder, possibility and belonging.

Key Projects

I Open The Door at Make Sunday Special with Playing Out CIC

What are your hopes and dreams for your own street? What would you most like to see when you open your front door to the world outside?” This is what we asked members of the Bristol public as we invited them to walk through our large cardboard front door into a small- scale cardboard residential street. We then worked with them to bring their imaginings to life using cardboard, packing tape, chalk and permanent marker.

Good Grief - part of Ferment BOV

Can humour ever be an appropriate response to grief? Comic duo Bocadalupa were just beginning to make a new show when Jenny had a death in the family, and another and another.Good Grief traces the impact on their fledgling happy show and asks: What if the audience stops laughing?

88 Cakes

88cakes is part of Bocadalupa’s “Motherland” project, a series of performance, installation and community works on the theme of motherhood and domesticity. We are fiercely committed to stimulating and nurturing the creativity of all people. We are particularly curious about how mothers now and throughout time meet and have met their own creative needs while raising small children.

The Bee Garden

A commission from Cirque Bijou as part of the Bristol Harbourside Festival 2015. This is an interactive playspace exploring the wonderful world of bees.

Key Personnel

Amy Rose
Co Artistic Director
Jenny Sanderson
Co Artistic Director