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Boom! Circus Theatre

Boom! is a Bristol based collective of four innovative and vibrant young performers who came together whilst studying at Circomedia. Sharing a strong desire to create and perform something new and exciting, they are a multi-skilled group, from varied backgrounds, with a wealth of complementary skills to offer.

Based around interesting but simple structures the company create a world in which to immerse yourself.

The purpose built adjustable structure will act as a stage, set, props, instruments and circus equipment in one. The case's skill will not be defined by stereotypical circus equipment, but will be extensions of the set and props, blurring the distinction between performer and object.

Fully incorporating theatrical circus seamlessly with live music, Boom! will be at the cutting edge of British circus.

Key Projects


'Floors' allows you to peer through a window into the lives and stories of 5 people in their early 20s. Set against a backdrop created by their own experiences, their purpose built structure is transformed into worlds defined by their play.

Key Personnel

Richard Casemore
Rachel Fox
Managing Director
Janine Mahon
Artistic Director
Thomas Hunt
Artistic Director