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Brian Coyle

Brian is a playwright based in Bristol. His plays have been performed in London, Bristol, Bath, Manchester and Liverpool.

They include WELCOME TO PARADISE ROAD, a drama about creeping State control and our surveillance society. In 2016 it won best script in festival at the Page to Stage Theatre Festival in Liverpool. His other plays include THE SPARE ROOM (2015), about the trauma of infertility, and TIMELESS (2016) about a man who can't make any new memories.

He was shorlisted for the Bread and Roses Playwriting Award in 2017 for THE SPARE ROOM and also shorlisted in 2015 for WELCOME TO PARADISE ROAD.  In 2014 he was a winner of the British Theatre Challenge, an international one-act play competition.

He's currently developing a number of projects in London and Bristol (see his website for more details).




PURE - looking for collaborators

Hi I'm Brian Coyle an emerging playwright based in Bristol (I moved here last year). I've been developing a play callled PURE for the last eightee...