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Bristol Youth Theatre Studio

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Listed as: Education/Training, Youth Theatre, Theatre Company

b_y_t_studio [at]

459 Gloucester Rd
South West
technical theatre, drama, youth

Bristol Youth Theatre Studio is one of the city’s oldest established youth theatre companies offering young people between 13 and 21 the chance to experience the world of theatre, and where they receive tuition in techniques required when putting on a first class performance.

This year the Studio is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

Classes are held in Westbury-on-Trym on Saturdays at 4.45pm, finishing at 8.15pm.

Sessions are divided between rehearsal for an upcoming production and tuition in theatre-craft.

“The aim of the tuition is to teach theatre techniques, enabling young people to have the knowledge to improve their art form, and give a first rate performance,” said the studio’s Director, Wendy Sparey.

“The young members enjoy this and there is much laughter mixed with all the learning.”

Admission is by audition, and we are seeking newcomers for the next season. This will include a tour to Cornwall in the summer. Experience is not essential, as we are a teaching studio, but enthusiasm is an essential.*

For further information call, Wendy Speary on 0117 951 4432


When we have an enquiry about a young member entering the Studio, the parent very often asks, "What do you do? You have a teaching programme – do you teach people to act? How can you do that?

It is not an easy question to answer, for most people assume that teaching consists of laying facts before a pupil, and helping them to assimilate them. This assumption is not necessarily correct for any subject, and is certainly untrue of the teaching of drama. For, at it’s simplest, it is not possible to teach a person to act. What can be taught, and what every pupil can be encouraged to explore, is their potential for dramatic technique.

The Studio has a four hour rehearsal period, once a week, using a hall big enough to allow all of the twenty plus members that we expect each week to do practical work. We call the technique training “Studio Work”. As a rule we start each session with some “Studio Work” relevant to the rest of the session. We also work on different areas during “Studio Work” such as specialist dance – for instance, 1920’s Jazz Dancing was a concept that was strange to most of the members and had to be demonstrated and taught.

The weekly class where everyone is welcome is not however the only class. The Studio also has a senior class, which is largely concerned with the work of dramatist Konstantine Stanislavsky, which has an evening workshop. This senior class does not involve the entire group – admission to it is by invitation only, and it mostly concerns those senior members who hope to seek entry into drama school.

The Studio also has a junior class, for younger members aged between 8 and 12. This is a seperate class where younger members can learn the techniques of the theatre through fun and games.

Key Projects

The King and I - Tour 2008 - Bude, Cornwall

The King and I - Tour 2008 - Bude, Cornwall

Cider With Rosie - Tour 2009 - Bude, Cornwall

Cider With Rosie - Tour 2009 - Bude, Cornwall

Tour 2010 - Calamity Jane

Tour 2010 - Calamity Jane

Nine Lessons - Annual Christmas Production

Nine Lessons - Annual Christmas Production

Key Personnel

Wendy Sparey
John Sparey
Technical Director