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British Improvisation Theatre


2016 is our eleventh year teaching improvisation and acting skills to a professional standard, as well as directing, devising and touring with the occasional show.

It really doesn't matter what background you come from, whether you're a complete beginner or a trained actor or performer, as either way you're going to learn loads of great stuff from our classes.

Benevolence is at the heart of what we teach, as is effective storytelling, truthful acting and removing the barriers that stop stories from developing. So yes, we do some serious acting when we're not laughing our socks off.


Perhaps partly due to the success of the hit TV show "Whose line is it anyway?" along with the popularity of stand up comedy in general, many people think that improvisation is only about comedy, but this simply isn't true.

Audiences love to see and experience a whole range of improvised stories and emotions when given the chance.

Focusing soley on comedy improvisation (as most performing groups tend to) is rather like being invited to a stupendous banquet and then discovering that every course is soup, followed by soup, followed by...? You guessed it ~ more soup.

The improviser who only focuses on comedy is continually tied to the treadmill of always having to outdo the last joke.

Not to say that comedy improvisation can't be tremendous fun, but perhaps it would be even funnier when tempered with other forms of improvised material. After all, 'variety is the spice of life' as they say.

Storytelling, on the other hand, is a much more interesting and varied way of learning to improvise and, although it is more difficult to master, is ultimately more rewarding for performers and audiences alike.

Audiences want to see stories that go somewhere interesting, relationships that develop and characters who are emotionally altered by unfolding events, but comedy improvisation doesn't usually include any of these key elements.


Yes they are ~ All you have to do is be open to the experience ~ It really is that simple.

Learning to improvise and act can be an exciting and richly rewarding endeavour.

In fact many people have reported that it has improved their confidence, increased their awareness and had a very positive effect on their lives in general, as well as being a lot of fun during the process.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. It really is that simple!

Question: So what do I actually need to come and take part in your classes?

Answer: All you need is the willingness to get up, have a go and screw it up with a smile on your face!

But do be prepared to be challenged from time to time...

We look forward to hearing from you :)



· "If I hadn't done your improv classes I wouldn't have got onto my course at LISPA." ~ Keda Breeze

· "I wouldn't have got into Bristol Old Vic Theatre School without your coaching." ~ Nadia

· "When a teacher oozes benevolence like you do it's easy to be benevolent." ~ Anna

· “Your classes have helped me on so many different levels." ~ Tom

· “Your endless enthusiasm is extremely infectious." ~ Michael

· "You really are an amazing teacher." ~ Bruno


· “Well done.”

· “Just brilliant.”

· “Absolutely fantastic.”

· “A gripping piece of theatre.”

· “The actors totally owned the stage.”

· “Better than many professional shows I’ve seen.”

· “Thank you for bringing such an amazing performance to Barton Hill.” ~ Debbie Frazer ~ Priest in charge, St. Luke's Church, Barton Hill.

THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP ~ Forum Theatre show devised by addicts in recovery

· “I got lots of identification.”

· “The ending filled me with optimism.”

· “It was real life treatment and a powerful message.”

· “I wouldn’t usually take part in anything like that, but you made it easy for me and fun.”

· “Our clients were clearly engaged and it provided a great forum for us all to explore in a playful way. I can’t compliment you enough.” ~ Steven Bird ~ Frenchay Mews, Weston~Super~Mare.

· “The actors were brilliant, professional at all times and owned their individual roles. It was clear to see that together with the director a lot of work and energy had been put in to produce such a hard hitting piece of theatre.” ~ Laura Sheffield ~ T.R.E.E. and Aftercare Manager of Ara, Bristol.

· “You provided a thoroughly polished and professional performance, with subtlety of characterisation and plot that the clients could easily identify with, followed by a well-considered and executed workshop.” ~ Graham Foster ~ Director of arc, Portsmouth.

THE GOLDEN EGG AWARD ~ Live Improvised Show

· “Ace.”

· "Great fun."

· "Tons of talent."

· "Really watchable."

· "Very, very entertaining."

· "I loved it ~ but was it really improvised?”