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Celestino Telera

Celestino Telera: composer,producer,  singer, musician, clown, illustrator....artist.


Born in 1988 in Manfredonia, Italy, Celestino Telera gets in contact with the artistic world during in his childhood.
Since then he's developed a strong passion in music making.
He took seriously in consideration this path from his teenage, starting to write songs and compositions. After collaborating from 2005 till 2010 as composer, live performer and arranger for the italian theatre company Bottega degli Apocrifi, he moves to Bristol to produce his first EP, called "Mothers' Mud". Recordings and general production are made at Peter Gabriel's Realworld Studios with music producer Marco Migliari.



Celestino's experience in physical performance starts with theatre company Bottega degli Apocrifi, a devised theatre company which involved together with actors' live performance, live music and dancing/clowning musicians on the stage.

Once landed in Bristol Celestino studies clowning with teachers Fraser Hooper, Holly Stoppit and Jerry Flanangan.
In 2012 he joins the Original Spinners, a clowning and dance improvisation company based in Bristol.


Celestino is also an illustrator. He's focused on black ink and pastel drawings, mainly of abstract and surreal matter .




Key Projects

Soundtrack for the theatre show " Camera 1019 "

Composing the soundtrack " Cat in the metro " for the theatre show " Else - Andante cantabile con brio " by Bottega degli Apocrifi ( Manfredonia - Fg - Italy ). Session musician ( penny whistles, acoustic and electric guitar, percussions and voice ) for the soundtracks composed by Fabio Trimigno .

Performer for the show Voyage dans la Lune

Musician live performer for the theatre show "Voyage Dans la Lune" by Bottega degli Apocrifi. Joining the company for 3 summer festivals in Apulia . The youtube link is a footage of the first show during the Refugee Day in S.Severo (Fg). The music is completely improvised on the actor's script as I had to substitute the main two performers, indisposed for that date.

Guitarist for the theatre performance " Sottosopra ( la città salvata dalle donne ) "

Performing for the theatre show " Sottosopra-la città salvata dalle donne " ( Downside up - the town saved by women ). Session man and arranger ( spanish and electric guitar ). Directed by Cosimo Severo. Music by Fabio Trimigno .

Rolling Stage Presents "The Hotel"

THE LOOKING GLASS INTERACTIVE THEATRE . LIVE ART . Enter through The Hotel doors and be taken on interactive guided tour performance that creates a hotel experience like no other! Splitting the delicate veil between the real and the surreal, this is a carousel spinning the stories of The Hotel’s public and private worlds into a promenade of intimacy and voyeurism. This site specific performance has been created in one of Bristol’s oldest venues, pulling influence from its rich history and incorporates art installation, sound and live performance presented by some of the Bristol’s finest visual and performance artists. This is a story of Love, Loss and Laughter through the exploration of two worlds the myth and the fact we invite you into the World of The Hotel to explore!