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Celestino Telera ( composer, musician, singer, performer, clown, artist.. )

Celestino Telera is a composer, songwriter, live musician, clown and artist born in Italy and currently based in Bristol. After working for italian theatre company Bottega degli Apocrifi as performer and musician, he moves to Bristol to start working on his solo music project Uovo. With Uovo he's recently digitally released his first EP "Mothers' Mud", produced and recorded at Realworld Studios with Marco Migliari ( Peter Gabriel, Elbow, Massive Attack, Robert Plant, Siguro Ros.. ). In 2015 CT joins the touring team of The Paper Cinema's Odyssey, show produced by The Paper Cinema and Battersea Arts Centre. He plays electric guitar ( with effects and loopstation ), KaosspadIII, foley, percussions and sings. He's toured internationally with this show ( Austria, Poland, Taiwan, China, Bosnia, Brasil, Kuwait ). Ct has also experience in clowning; he attended workshops with Fraser Hooper and Holly Stoppit. From 2012 he's been part of dance improvisers and clown company The Original Spinners, based in Bristol .

Key Projects

The Paper Cinema's Odyssey 2015 Tour

I've been working for the company The Paper Cinema on their Odyssey tour 2015 since February 2015. The show's been produced by The Paper Cinema ( Nicolas Rawling, Christopher Reed, Imogen Charleston), Battersea Arts Centre and it's toured Internationally since 2012. The show has been touring with a new cast since May 2015 in Austria, Poland, Taiwan and China. On "The Paper Cinema's Odyssey" I'm playing electric guitar, using guitar fxs, loopstation, Kaosspad III, foley, drums and I sing.

Uovo - Mothers' Mud ( EP ) Produced by Marco Migliari and Celestino Telera

Uovo is my new solo music project, created in Bristol in 2012. After the release of self produced single "Anne Carter", recorded between Italy and Realworld Studios ( Wiltshire ), I've recently digitally released the EP Mothers' Mud, recorded and produced with Marco Migliari at Peter Gabriel's Realworld Studios. This songwriting project takes ispiration from underground movies, surrealism, world shamanism, dreams, psychoanalysis and theatre.