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Charli Clark

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Listed as: Individual Artists

ideasfish [at]


BV Studios, 37 Philip Street
Bedminster, Bristol
South West
environmental, nature, live art, film, humorous

The Earth is our invaluable resource. It was plentiful and has given so much to help us grow into the human race we are today. As the climate continues to change faster than scientists expected, what will the future hold? How long can these resources keep flowing fast and free? How do we start to teach understanding of an unknown change? How can we teach a deep appreciation of nature and a higher respect for everything this planet belongs to, from the daisy to the ant to the blue whale and beyond? Charli has been exploring the human relationships with nature, the way we interact, understand and are part of it. Everything on this planet is inter-linked and our ecosystem needs balance to survive. Charli’s work celebrates the achievements of nature and laughs at the similarities within all living things. We are all made from the same substances connected in different ways to create different makeups. She works towards increasing reverence and appreciation for the natural world and all its inhabitants, playfully exploring the subject, inventing fictional scenarios that comment on the state of our world. She creates links and common threads between humans and nature making for some light-hearted and occasionally humorous outcomes, working across a wide range of media, drawing, painting, sculpture, film and performance. Charli is concerned for the generations and species of tomorrow, seeking to enhance awareness of environmental issues, encourage stewardship and increase respect for nature through art. She is concerned for our future and believes artists have a responsibility to inspire people to change.

Key Projects


Did you know bananas share 50% of their genes with us? Everything in nature is interlinked; there is an underlying connection between all living organisms. 50% intends to highlight this in a playful performance where banana meets man. Bananas have 8000 starter genes, 4000 of these make up part of the 22,000 starter genes humans have. We all come from the same gene pool; even the plants we eat have links with our own genetic makeup. The similarity between all living organisms is highlighted in the action of standing inside the human sized banana skin made from fabric. Why a banana? The banana skin is a symbol of comedy and has been used for years as a joker’s prop. The comedic aspect is played up by the performance which has a serious intent with a humorous outcome, a banana skin left on the floor.