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Clare Thornton

  • Thornton_dundee_factory_intervention_gallery

Listed as: Costume/Set Design, Individual Artists, Writing

clarety [at]


BV Studios, M2
South West
costume, performance installation, archive, scenography, re-enactment

I am an interdisciplinary maker working predominantly with performance, sculpture, installation and print. Using a variety of props and materials I devise ‘scenes’ to examine my relationship to certain objects, texts and spaces. Exploring specific locations, libraries and archives I then enact/present my findings playing with memory, materiality and desire. Conversation and cross-disciplinary exchange are crucial elements in my process of making and I collaborate with groups/individuals across diverse fields of art and science to produce new works for public art contexts, museums and galleries nationally and internationally.

Key Projects

Unfurl: Inaugural Artist in Residence, University of Bristol Theatre Collection

Comprising: Performance, Exhibition and Talks Programme Hosted by: University of Bristol Theatre Collection & Red Lodge Museum Dates: September-November 2011 The Unfurl project was framed by my research into depictions of the Fold in paintings, historical interiors and in critical texts. This research was furthered during my inaugural Artist in Residence with the University of Bristol Theatre Collection. Through the production of performance, objects, garments and writing I explored site specificity, processes of display, concealment and transformation.