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Daughters of Albion

Daughters of Albion are a performance collective based in Bristol, UK. Formed in 2013, the company is a collaboration between Dino Rovaretti, Joseph Vaughan and Tom Vinyl. 

Our work explores the collision of our three distinct bodies and performance practices situated within the realms of live art, walking-as-performance, theatre, mapping, performance research and stand-up comedy.

Our most recent performance work "Zeno's Arrow" is a full length show that explores liveness and the function of time within the performance event.

Key Projects

Zeno's Arrow

“The story is foretold, foremade in the code of its happening. Half way through the performance the audience become conscious. The lamp dies. Three men come onto the stage with the anatomy of past experience, embodying future potential amidst the flash of present feeling. Using found text and autobiographical narratives we fuse the joints and identify the now; the ‘in’. We re-member the thunder and form an infinite body. The event is sacrificed to a fiction of its having happened.” Zeno's Arrow is a self-referential performance event. Exploring ideas around preparation, remembering and performing the audience is presented with a collage of events in different stages of happening. The piece considers the prolonged existence of an 'event' after it has happened through the perception of the people who experienced it; the audience aswell as the performers themselves. This consideration is then juxtaposed with the premature existence of the event before it has happened, which too exists within the perception of the audience and performer. The liveness of the performance provides the third crucial lense through which Daughters of Albion examine an 'event'. After a highly successful and commended premiere at Falmouth University in June 2014 as part of the AMATA Festival, Daughters of Albion are currently redeveloping the piece for a returning run of shows in 2015.