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Desperate Men

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Listed as: Dramaturg, Producer/Agency, Theatre Company

office [at]

0117 939 3902

Epstein Buildings, Mivart St, Easton, Bristol
South West
outdoor art, community arts, street animations

Desperate Men are producers and creators of outdoor arts and theatre, working in the UK and internationally since 1980. 

Desperate Men can be hired for festivals or events. Current animations include: Pig Pen Riots, Econopoly, The Funnels, Darwin and the Dodo, Everythng Gets eaten, The Film Crew, Rubbish Heads, and The Eco-Pirates. We work for local authorities, in schools, at festivals and events, and on large-scale community outdoor arts projects.

Key Projects

Darwin and the Dodo

Darwin and the Dodo

The Pig Pen Riots

Enjoy the very topical Pig Pen Riots! in which you, Joe punter, indulge your urge to protest for five minutes, before being herded away, in a legal and safe manner. Complete with Japanese riot helmets, bandanas, whistles, foam bricks, loud hailers and fog horns, the Pig Pen Riots encourages participants to express their concerns (Later bedtimes! No more cellulite! Down with Red Leicester Cheese!) on a wipe clean placard. Participants are then herded into the pen for five minutes of protesting… Very popular at the St Patricks Fest in Dublin. “I loved the pig pen riots. A great concept brilliantly delivered.” Verena Cornwall, Creative Director, St Patrick’s Festival, Dublin.

The Funnels

The Funnels – 3 gargoyle-like characters play a set of strangely familiar tunes in a strangely unfamiliar way – through funnels attached to their heads! In bright coloured hooped costumes, the funnels communicate with each other and the audience, by blowing what they believe are magical pipes. The sounds they make are as entrancing as they are disturbing. Then, out of audible chaos the sounds start to make sweet music!


Econopoly is a fun-for-all giant game where you compete to get round the board without using up carbon. The winner is the one who spends the least carbon. Originally commissioned by Bristol City Council, Econopoly is an excellent addition for any environmentally-themed event.


Mivart Street Studios

Mivart Street Studios These are studios in former Victorian mill that has housed artists and artists groups for over 20 years. It is run by a collective of artists (rather than being for commercial gain). The space that is available to hire is a light rehearsal room. This space has been used for theatre rehearsal and evening classes. There is lots of light, comfy sofas, and a lovely piano.

Key Personnel

Jon Beedell
Artistic Director
Richard Headon
Creative Producer
Shirley Pegna
Musical Director
Ursula Wills-Jones
Company Manager
Richie Smith