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Goat's Head Magazine

Goat's Head Magazine Goat's Head Magazine is an online, Bristol-based arts magazine.


Intellect is an independent academic publisher in the fields of creative media and popular culture, publishing scholarly books and journals that exemplify our mission as publishers of original thinking. Intellect aims to provide a vital space for widening critical debate in new and emerging subject areas, supporting authors and editors by bringing their ideas to as wide a readership as pos…

Last Supper Bristol

‘Last Supper’ is a performance dinner that merges gallows humour and cabaret with gourmet food and home truths, presenting the audience with the hard to swallow question of whether it’s okay to enjoy yourself this much in lieu of what’s to come.


RUNTcollective We are a group of Bristol-based artists, writers, musicians and performers.


STEAK OF THE ART I am the Arts coordinator for Steak of the Art. We are a steak restaurant on the Harbourside that boasts a beautiful arts gallery inside. Our aim is to create events and exhibitions throughout the year to make your dining experience as special as possible.

The Big Issue South West

The Big Issue is a magazine sold by homeless and long-term unemployed people. Vendors buy copies for £1.25 and sell for £2.50. They are working, not begging. Over the past two decades the magazine has become synonymous with challenging, independent journalism - in 2014 The Big Issue SW launched monthly Theatre and Dance directortories providing an extensive guide to productions and fest…

Word Waiter PR and Digital

Word Waiter PR and Digital We provide creative consultancy and marketing for the creative industries internationally. From websites to media relations campaigns. Visit our website to find out more.

Displaying all 7 Members