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Massive Owl

Massive Owl Massive Owl are a Bristol based theatre company. Beginning with a story or social concern, the company devise collaboratively creating a shared vision. Using an energetic and minimalistic style, Massive Owl aim to make performance that pulls its audience into the heart of the work. They endeavor to make performance that is individual while being accessible to a wide range of audiences. …


A brand new night of storytelling improvisation. A musician, a technician and six fearless actors work spontaneously to create a fully narrative evening of comedy, drama, joy and suspense - from anywhere in Space or Time...


Must-Dash MUST-DASH are a Vintage Dance Troupe from Bristol. We specialise in dance moves and crazes from the bygone Jazz era and high kick it up to date with our own Electro Swinging twist! Expect high kicks, a bit of cheek and moustaches. Lots of them... It'll be Mustashtic! MUST-DASH Dance are made up of four ladies Swingsters; Emily Taylor, Hayley Adams, Kara Hulin and Fleur Hoef…

National Youth theatre

National Youth theatre The National Youth Theatre is the leading platform for showcasing young acting talent and was the first youth theatre in the world. To be a part of The National Youth Theatre and become a member you need to interview/audition for one of the courses below. For the past 58 years we have nurtured some of the finest British talent including Orlando Bloom, Hugh Bonneville, Daniel Craig, Dan…

New Tides Platform

New Tides Platform An independent organisation based in Bristol, exploring and encouraging cross-cultural exchanges and dialogue within contemporary performing arts.

Nomadic Academy

Nomadic Academy This is a theatre company with a difference. Specialising in the Fool who welcomes all to the table to dine, grown in the rich compost of theatre. We use improvisation with the fool archetype and have a foundation year training in becoming a fool.

Nu Nu Platform

Nu Nu Platform Nu Nu Platform

O&O Performance Collective

O&O are a physical theatre ensemble. Our ethos is one of collaboration, empowerment, and engagement – of that pressing human urge to strive for improvement. We consist of two core members, one associate producer and an ever evolving group of associate performers and theatre makers, based in the South West of England. Our work aims to be provocative, vigorously physical and highly en…

PaddleBoat Theatre Company

PaddleBoat Theatre Company PaddleBoat Theatre Company believe that theatre is a space where imagination is brought to life. Born from the vibrant cities of Exeter and Bristol, PaddleBoat Theatre Company create productions and workshops for children and families across the South-West. PaddleBoat believe in theatre which engages with the young minds of tomorrow – as well as reminding every adult that they too can…

Players Company

Players Company Free workshops? Too good to be true? No, it’s not! Meet Players Company!

Displaying Members 61 - 70 of 122 in total