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Space Monkeys Improv

Space Monkeys Improv The Bristol based community improv group produce nights and productions of improv comedy and improv theatre.

Spontaneous Theatre Company

Spontaneous Theatre Company Spontaneous Theatre Company creates live theatrical productions; uses applied improv for professionals in corporate training; training for teachers (CPD).

St. Mary's Players

St. Mary's Players SMP is an Amateur Musical Theatre Society based in Bristol and we are a member of NODA. We perform two shows a year at The Regrave, Clifton and Page Community Association.

Stagecoach Bristol Keynsham

Stagecoach Bristol Keynsham Did you know you can try Stagecoach for two weeks before committing to the term? At Stagecoach Bristol Keynsham we teach children and teenagers how to sing, dance and act, not only to perform on stage and beyond, but more importantly to perform better in life. For almost 25 years we have seen young people gain confidence, stretch themselves, and build essential life skills while le…

Starlite Productions

Starlite Productions was set up by Andrew Ford and Mandie Love-Williams with the sole aim of raising money for Children's Charities by way of presenting fun-filled family entertainment. Pantomime has alsways been the ideal vehicle as it caters for childrenof all ages and from the many letters and comments of appreciation we receive, it appears that we "tick all the right boxes&quo…

SynaesTheatre -Deborah Ward

SynaesTheatre -Deborah Ward I am a physical performer with a background in Le-Coq. As a facilitator I am eternally curious in the meeting point of individuals' creative and personal journey. As a director I draw on improvisation techniques, movement principles and the interplay between poetic and literal movement and text. As a producer I am interested to work with companies who are pushing their creat…

Tawdry Lace Theatre

Tawdry Lace Theatre Tawdry Lace Theatre likes comic writing assembled by talented playwrights. They like the spoken word. The company aims to produce work that is sophisticated, yet accessible, funny but stirring and entertaining as well as resonant. Incorporating live music, projection and by utilising other theatrical weaponry, we intend to delight audiences with visceral and engaging theatre. By whatever m…

Tea-Powered Theatre

Tea-Powered Theatre Tea-Powered Theatre aims to support and work with aspiring artists, writers and dramatists to produce their crafts while enjoying the finest warm beverage. Greetings and welcome to Tea-Powered Theatre, We are a Bristol based organisation that began as a theatre company with a double-bill at Bierkeller Theatre in July 2014. Over the course of 2015 our founder, Rupert Bathurst, has been …

Tempting Failure

Tempting Failure Tempting Failure is a platform for Live Art, Noise Art and Performance Art. Created to raise the profile of artists who choose to actively engage with risk within their practice, find it hard to be programmed in a supportive manner, or as established artists would like to challenge preconceived notions of their artwork or any given enquiry. Tempting Failure's ethos elevates, promotes a…

The Actors' Workshop

The Actors' Workshop The Actors’ Workshop is a unique centre of excellence, providing exceptional training and opportunities for young performers, and professional development for actors. From our base at Factory 8 in Bedminster, Bristol, our team of experienced industry professionals inspires students to raise their game and succeed in an ever-changing media environment. Whether you are auditioning for…

Displaying Members 81 - 90 of 122 in total