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Hanham Players

Hanham Players The Hanham Players are a friendly welcoming drama group in Hanham, Bristol who produce three shows a year encompassing a variety of genres from musicals, plays, pantomimes, variety shows, classics and Shakespeare. for full details We're always looking for new members, young and old, new and experienced, backstage and onstage!

Luca Silvestrini's PROTEIN DANCE

Luca Silvestrini's PROTEIN DANCE For Protein, creating and performing dance is crucially connected with everyday life. Artistic Director Luca Silvestrini takes everyday issues and subjects them to a deep, witty analysis through his own idiosyncratic and distinctive dance theatre. Driving the approach is a desire to connect theatrical experience with the life stories of participants - amateur or professional - and audience…

National Youth theatre

National Youth theatre The National Youth Theatre is the leading platform for showcasing young acting talent and was the first youth theatre in the world. To be a part of The National Youth Theatre and become a member you need to interview/audition for one of the courses below. For the past 58 years we have nurtured some of the finest British talent including Orlando Bloom, Hugh Bonneville, Daniel Craig, Dan…

Displaying all 3 Members