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DragonBird Theatre

DragonBird Theatre DragonBird Theatre works to bring theatre and play to Early Years and their families in Bristol, Bath and the South West, visiting local theatres, community spaces, schools and nurseries.

Holly Berry

South West based actress

Jackie Adkins

Jackie Adkins Feldenkrais Method Practitioner and Dance Improvisation Teacher in Bristol, Bath & Frome


Jocelyne Argentine Tango teacher running group and private lessons in Bath, Bristol and Bradford-on-Avon. Available for performance.

Matt Nation

Bath based actor/director presently the chairman of the Rondo Theatre Company in Bath. Directing the 2013 Shakespeare In The Green Park production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Green Park Station in Bath.


Must-Dash MUST-DASH are a Vintage Dance Troupe from Bristol. We specialise in dance moves and crazes from the bygone Jazz era and high kick it up to date with our own Electro Swinging twist! Expect high kicks, a bit of cheek and moustaches. Lots of them... It'll be Mustashtic! MUST-DASH Dance are made up of four ladies Swingsters; Emily Taylor, Hayley Adams, Kara Hulin and Fleur Hoef…

The Unimaginables

The Unimaginables The Unimaginables is a theatre company based in Bath/ Bristol- dedicated to awakening imaginations with honest, beautiful, hand-made theatre.

William Jesmond de Clermont

William Jesmond de Clermont About me... hmm. I'm a creative professional that dreams in the ether and drags beauty over the threshold into the realms of reality. I am Bath based but I travel to Bristol and surrounding frequently.

Displaying all 8 Members