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Tarn Scully

 Tarn Scully Im a movement based aerial artist, adventurer, creator, teacher and consultant.I have over 18 years experience, both nationally and internationally.


Aaapropos commercially trained designer, specialising in costume for circus & stage for the last 18 years.

Abagail Nenuphar

Abagail Nenuphar aerialist, dancer and visual artist

Abi Hill

Abi Hill GSA-trained production and stage manager with pyrotechnic, prop-making, LX rigging and design skills. 15 years experience.

Ali Jones

Ali Jones Ali Jones is an aerial performer and trainer, specialising in corde lisse, tissu, aerial hoop, trapeze and harness currently based in Bristol.

Alice Ellerby

Alice Ellerby I am a passionate and dynamic aerialist and physical performer, specialising in cloud swing, devised performance and comedy. Since graduating from Circomedia in 2010, I have performed internationally with NoFit State Circus in Parklife and Barricade, and with companies including Crashmat Collective, Pif-Paf and Goat and Monkey. In 2014 I performed in Puffball, a Roundhouse production for …

Amy Amelia Arts

Amy Amelia Arts A fire, circus and street performer, specialising in contact juggling/crystal ball manipulation. Works regularly for Circii and Juggling Inferno.

Annabelle Holland - Frenetic Engineering, Kecca Rocca, The Social Club

Annabelle Holland - Frenetic Engineering, Kecca Rocca, The Social Club I am a circus and street theatre & cabaret performer, producer and director. I have 3 umbrellas that I work under - Frenetic Engineering creates street theatre, comedy and cabaret acts and shows. With a background in aerial performance and having toured and worked with dance companies, contemporary and traditional circus, including Sugar Beast Circus, No Fit State, Fossetts Circus, B…

Apocalyptic Circus - founded 2012

Apocalyptic Circus - founded 2012 Apocalyptic Circus was founded in December 2012 out of the ashes of humanity. Producing intriguing, challenging, thought provoking and convention breaking circus based theatre for your delight and entertainment.

Ashley Clarke

Ashley Clarke Artist and designer/maker with a penchant for the carnivalesque - particularly interested in developing the visual style for theatre/film as well as puppet making, props, illustration, etc.

Displaying Members 1 - 10 of 69 in total