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Anna Johnston

Anna Johnston I am trained as a fine furniture maker and have also worked with various artists and on theatre sets.

Bristol Biennial

Bristol Biennial Bristol Biennial is an artist-led festival that celebrates exciting and engaging projects by talented emerging artists. In 2014, the festival takes 'Crossing the Line' as its theme, exploring artistic boundaries and encouraging collaboration across the city. Bristol Biennial 2014 is proud to be supported by Arts Council England

Bristol Shakespeare Festival

Bristol Shakespeare Festival The Bristol Shakespeare Festival offers a platform for local and national companies to bring the very best adaptations, interpretations and productions of Shakespeare’s works to unusual spaces in Bristol. We will celebrate this British icon in 2015 with alfresco summertime performances throughout the month of July; bring a picnic and settle down for an evening with one of our prestigiou…

Bristol Storyfest

Bristol Storyfest Storytelling is a very specific form of theatre, which draws heavily on ancient oral performance styles. Bristol Storyfest is an annual event celebrating a wide range of storytelling styles often in collaboration with other art forms and reaching out to new audiences for storytelling.

Christabel Holmes

Christabel Holmes Freelance theatre producer and project manager based in Bristol. Working predominantly on fringe and festival projects I am passionate about the promotion of new and inventive contemporary work and am eager to further my engagement with Bristol based artists and organisations.

Dean Sudron

Dean Sudron I am a stage manager with skills in re-lighting, production management, prop making and design.


Gradfest GradFest is the annual festival of arts showcasing the emerging talent from the University of Bristol's Theatre, and Film & TV Departments' graduating class.


MAYK MAYK is a theatre producing organisation that collaborates with artists and audiences to make exciting things happen in unusual ways. Our major project is Mayfest, Bristol's international festival of contemporary theatre, and we also work with a number of artists to develop, present and tour their work. Currently we work with Still House, Sleepdogs, Firebird Theatre and Sam Halmarack.

The Bristol Shakespeare Festival

The Bristol Shakespeare Festival The Bristol Shakespeare Festival is a not for profit organisation dedicated to bringing the freshest, most exciting productions of Shakespeare's plays to some of Bristol's most beautiful and unusual spaces every July.

The Fringe Files

The Fringe Files The Fringe Files are a multi-award winning theatre touring company based in the vibrant city of Bristol. Each year, we pull together a team of creatives and present a brand new stage play at a major arts event, such as a fringe or drama festival. Formed in 2010 by British playwright Michael Starr, The Fringe Files are considered to be one of the leading theatrical companies in the West of England.

Displaying all 10 Members