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pilotLIGHT Bristol

pilotLIGHT Bristol ‘pilotLIGHT Bristol’ has been formed off the back of the success of London based ‘pilotLIGHT’ Theatre Company to encourage and enable the movement of quality grass roots theatre across the country. We aim to be a daring champion of new writing, sharing the best of Bristol and London and creating theatre that inspires, challenges and excites.

red thread

red thread Please drop by the website to see what we're up to

roman cywinski

roman cywinski Hello all. I am an accent, dialect and voice caricaturisation coach and impressionist able to work with either individual actors or theatre groups. I am able to develop fun workshops, coaching for characterisation in plays as well as developing life-time voice skills for budding actors. Many thanks,Roman

sarah green

I make objects and puppets and I draw. I have made and performed my own puppet shows and made puppets and painted sets for other puppet performances. I am currently working on a show with OtherStory. I run art workshops.

self-development and wellbeing through Drama

self-development and wellbeing through Drama Drama and Movement workshops for wellbeing and languages for young people, vulnerable adults Training workshops for Teaching Assistants, Linguists and Languages Teachers. Expression dramatique workshop is a new course opened to anyone who like to practise their French in a unique way through drama, movements and dance. The class consists in some light physical warm ups, drama games …

sky young

sky young Actor with film and TV experience also make-up artist for BBC production

theatreLab network

theatreLab network is about beginnings, collaborations, about meeting those people you need to get a production started. We hold regular meetings, facilitate development work to grow creative projects, produce paltform opportunities and produce new work.

As an actor, trainer and facilitator I have worked for over 17 years with disadvantaged and disaffected groups locally, regionally, nationally, in Europe and increasingly Internationally using drama & theatre methods for workshops projects and learning programmes in project delivery, development and management, particularly in the areas of criminal justice, community arts, mental healt… We try to offer the facilities that others do not provide, at a price you can afford and a quality which matches your aspirations. One of our more specialist capabilities is live event sound recording, either in addition to PA or as a record for posterity, for radio or TV broadcast, or as part of CD, video or film production. Why not ring and discuss your requirements? We offer speci…

Displaying Members 1261 - 1269 of 1269 in total