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Fat Cat Theatre Company

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Listed as: Education/Training, Theatre Company

fatcat-theatre [at]

01278 685932

York Rd
South West
puppetry, youth theatre, education

Educational Puppetry dedicated to bringing the magic of live theatre to children!

Fat Cat Theatre Company (FCTC) has been delivering educational puppetry performances to young audiences for 10 years.
FCTC is run by its founder - Jane Leakey - who has extensive experience in performing and running workshop/performance packages all around the UK.

All performances are available as a workshop (arts/craft) package, are environmentally friendly and require minimal staging.

Key Projects

Furry Tales - Touring Play for Children age 5 and over

Supports KS1 and 2 Science: Plants and Animals in the Local Environment Four enchanting stories featuring some of the best loved animals of the British countryside. Meet Colin the Mole, Jack the Rat, Harry the Heron and more in this delightful show. Featuring beautifully crafted puppets, Furry Tales is full of fun, laughter, excitement and adventure.

Bully Off! - An Interactive Touring Play for Children 5-11

Supports KS 1 and 2: Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship Zack is eleven years old and has lots of friends. He enjoys going to school and loves art and computers. He is a happy, friendly boy…. But all this is about to change when Zack meets Gary Sage, the hardest kid in the school. When Gary has it in for you, you really know about it What happens next depends on the audience This interactive show gives children the opportunity to speak about their fears and voice their ideas about what should be done to stop bullying, understand why bullying might happen and explain how adults can help. By talking to the characters in the play the young audience can decide the outcome of the performance - and what happens to Zack and Gary Running Time: Max 1 hour

Monkey Buisness - Touring Family Show

As a widely travelled wildlife photographer Jane loves monkeys and have a natural ability to convey this enthusiasm in her puppetry shows. 'Monkey Business' teaches children about primates. Four different stories about monkeys from around the world. Why won’t Snowball get out of the bath? And why has Jimmy got such a big nose? Find out when you come to see this wonderful show for monkey fans of all ages! Running Time: 55 min

An Otter's Tale - Touring Play for Children Ages 5-11

Deep in the heart of the British countryside lies a very special place indeed; A place where if you are very quiet and very still you will soon realise that you are not alone…close encounters of the furred kind await us all! Meet Roger the Otter, Harry the Heron and many more in this delightful show. Featuring beautifully crafted puppets, 'An Otter’s Tale' is full of laughter, excitement and adventure. Supports KS 1 and 2 Science: Plants and Animals in the Local Environment

Key Personnel

Lina B. Frank
Jane Leakey
Company Director