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Fionn Gill

Key Projects

For Provide Life (2008)

Devised and performed by Fionn Gill For Provide Life follows a man from Eastern Europe as he travels to England in search of a better life. Imagining the world and characters around me, this dynamic one-man show presents a hopeless and amusing journey where the line between the real and the pretend is on a precarious balance. For Provide Life combines mime, clowning, slapstick and an energetic physical performance to explore both the comedy and pathos in one man’s determination for prosperity. Played at Mayfest 2008

Lost in the Wind (2008/2009)

Combining slapstick, puppetry, object manipulation and delicate physical performance, Lost Spectacles take audiences gently by the hand and lead them into a dreamlike other-world. A world where bits of rubbish become waltzing lovers, giant balloons bounce through the sky and rotten vegetables make sweet music. Follow a man on his journey to find his answers about life and truely and beautifully failing. A visual and comedic spectacle about humanity's about the fragility of humanity's obsession with searching. ‘SELL OUT SHOW EDINBURGH FRINGE 2008’ ‘A bold, enchanting piece of physical theatre that marks Lost Spectacles as a serious prospect for the future’ The Scotsman ‘Spectacular and graceful... Silly yet sophisticated humour and some truly spellbinding setpieces... A strong, bracing gust of fresh air.’ Fest Team: Co-devised by Fionn Gill, Dan Ngyou, Naomi Rothwell, Tobi Poster and John Gould. Performed by Fionn Gill, Dan Ngyou, Naomi Rothwell, Tobi Poster, Richard Kiess, Kathryn Bond and John Gould. Costume by Samantha Keeble Lighting by Rebecca Daily

Keepers (2009/2010)

Devised by The Plasticine Men 200 years ago, far off the Welsh coast, one man faced an ordeal so diabolical that it would go down in maritime legend, changing the way lighthouses were run forever. Using original live music and little more than a ladder and a trapdoor, The Plasticine Men conjure up the confines of the infamous Smalls Lighthouse and the stormy companionship of its two keepers. Based on an extraordinary true story, an enchanting tale of the sudden loss of life and drawn out loss of sanity unfolds between the flashes of the lamp that the ill fated pair must tend each and every night. Winners of ThreeWeeks Editor's Award Shortlisted for The Stage Acting Awards Total Theatre Award nominees 'A beautifully crafted piece of no-frills physical theatre' Lyn Gardner, The Guardian 'Something special' The Observer 'Powerful beguiling theatre, a veritable tour de force' British Theatre Guide Team: Directed and co-created by Simon Day Performed and co-created by Martin Bonger & Fionn Gill Sound composed and performed by Lawrence Williams Designed by Samantha Keeble Lighting by Pablo Fernandez Baz Company and Stage Manager Liam Walsh

Outer (2011)

An ordinary man and woman have decided to get into outer space themselves. With no knowledge of space travel they are embarking on their own astronaut training, making their own spacesuits and tearing apart their kitchen appliances to build their very own rocket... and they will get to space if it’s the last thing they do! And what if this unlikely pair, who muddle their way into space, just so happen to discover something monumental? Something that changes our understanding of existence forever… Taking as influence the Apollo moon landings, different ideas of creation and the history of the cosmos, Fionn and his team set out to take audiences effortlessly between the domestic and the cosmic, whilst telling a human and 'universal' story. Commissioned and developed through Ferment, Bristol Old Vic in association with the Parabola Arts Centre and The Carriageworks. The Team: Performer and Director - Fionn Gill Performer and Co-creator - Naomi Rothwell Text - Hattie Naylor Story - The Company & Hattie Naylor Lighting Design - Alberto Santos Bellido Music and Sound - Chris Reed