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Flight Log Theatre Company

Flight Log Theatre’s creative endeavour is for exploring journeys both physical and emotional. A safe place for stories either pre-existing, untold or even unwritten to come alive and say what they are desperate to shout out to the world. Sometimes there striking, sometimes there saddening, different days different journey’s but in each day it is taken from passion. Passion to survive, learn, produce, express, educate, love and forgive. Created in 2013 by Artistic Director Nicci Bailey as a tool of creative expression for a key word of PERSPECTIVE: What really matters? Working with an incredible blend of talented associate artists. We can only produce from our own knowledge or experience but by pushing to learn and except someone else’s is one of the best ways to improve ourselves and the theatre we endeavor to produce. Culture, Politics, Art, Music anything and everything can, will and should inspire us to create journeys in theatre that we deem to be important. SOMEONE SHOULD SAY SOMETHING.

Key Projects


It’s 2013 and humans are being sold like cattle, like the chickens at the farmers market. They are bargained over price and sometimes offered with a deal like a DFS sofa. Let this sink into your mind that women and girls, people, humans are sold for cash. Heels in one hand kebab in the other. Morals as flaky as her fake tan, priorities that match that of her Labradoodles and she won’t quit complaining about walking home in bare feet. Essex Girl - Definitions noun 1. (derogatory, informal) a young working-class woman from the Essex area, typically considered as being unintelligent, materialistic, devoid of taste, and sexually promiscuous Amira hasn't worn shoes since that first step. It’s a deterrent. You can’t go anywhere if your feet don’t work, they have been made redundant. From one country to the next, each foot step is an aching climb in the journey that she didn't agree to. Intially started as a piece studying how the body holds memories it has since developed into 'Shoeless' which takes a glance of the dark world of modern female slavery both eastern and western. Working along side local female charities we seek to explore ways in which women are trapped.

Key Personnel

Nicci Bailey
Artistic Director