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Gatecrash Theatre

Gatecrash is a developmental theatre company based in Swindon. The company was set up in 2014 in response to the growing number of adults living in or around Swindon who are talented Actors, Writers and Directors and need a creative outlet; too old for youth theatre but wanting the professional mentorship, support and opportunity offered by many of these outlets. We also offer weekly workshops for aspiring performers who until now have had little to no experience of theatre. Seeking an opportunity to work and learn from professionals in the business, develop their craft and share their own talents.

Gatecrash is a high quality, professionally led step up from youth theatre! A support network for the artists of the future. Simple!

Gatecrash theatre company Swindon is open to anyone aged 18 plus with a strong passion for theatre and performance. We run two different sessions which appeal to different kinds of people. Gatecrash Ignite is our group open to anyone with limited to no performance experience who are looking for a new hobby or channel for their imaginations. Most of the members of this group work in professions removed from the arts and use Gatecrash as an outlet for their creativity or even a stress reliever! This group is very relaxed and no pressure is put on the members to perform outside of the comfort of the session. Gatecrash Evolve is more about artistic and professional development. A training option for those aspiring to go to Drama School or who simply want to improve their acting ability with careful mentorship and commitment. Gatecrash Evolve still contains a mix of people from different backgrounds. These include Actors and Directors who are either applying for, or have completed professional training. We also appeal to those who have chosen a career outside of the arts but want to keep their creativity alive, want to develop to a higher performance standard and do wish to be involved in public Gatecrash Performances!


Forthcoming Classes

Gatecrash Evolve Theatre Workshops for actors and performers led by Gatecrash Theatre 27 Sep 25 Sep

Venue: commonweal school
Full Price: 70 per term

P1015847_thumb This is our developmental session which acts as an informal professional training option for aspiring and jobing actors or simply those who want more from the company than just ...

Gatecrash Ignite workshops for acting beginners or less experienced performers Led by Gatecrash Theatre 29 Sep 27 Sep

Venue: commonweal school
Full Price: 70 per term

P1015982_thumb This class is open to anyone aged 18 plus with little or no acting experience who wants to take up a new hobby and learn more about the art of performance without the pressure t...

Key Personnel

Laura Barnes
Artistic Director
Anna Friend
Workshop Leader and Associate Artist