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Gentleman Jack Theatre

Mindful of the  Past. Looking to the  Future. Firmly in the Present.

The shiny thrill of the NEW / The potent lure of the Old

The inspiring possibilities of the obscure & overlooked

It is all one to us.

We want to present you the Classics and the brand new.

We promise to be bold, dynamic, exciting and inventive.


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Key Projects

The Revenger's Tragedy May 2012

“The Revenger’s Tragedy is a fast and furious black comedy as relevant to our modern society as it was to a Jacobean one. The recent revelations of Italy’s high-end corruption provide the perfect backdrop to this compelling story, which unfurls for an audience submerged in the depraved court of the Duke”-Justin Palmer, Director

Timon Of Athens 2011

Our first production ‘Timon of Athens’, was performed in The Crypt of St Paul's Church in Southville in November and was a site-specific response to the Financial Meltdown in Europe and a summer of unrest and rioting in the UK. Featuring, Champagne, Ferrero Rocher and Northern Soul it was a high-octane charge through one of Shakespeare's most misunderstood plays. Read a review here:

Key Personnel

Philip Perry
Company/ Director
Alison Campbell
Company / Producer
Justin Palmer
Company / Director
Danann McAleer
Ed Browning
Company / Education
Jonny Charles
Company / Music
Anthony Wright-Wilson
Company / Muscularity
Mackenzie Woodland
Meghan Leslie
Edmund McKay
Lighting Designer
Gareth Warren
Ben Crispin
Jenny Branton
Doug Rankin
Sandra Jethon
Theatrical Makeup Artist
Sica Denerley Weiss
Film Maker
Amy Tobias