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Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company

Hammerpuzzle theatre company was established in 2007 by graduates from Bath Spa University’s Performing Arts: Acting degree course led by Gunduz Kalic.The company wanted to persist in this rich vein of theatre training, and continue working with play, verve, and generosity. 

So, what is Hammerpuzzle?  Hammerpuzzle is a single word fashioned from an amalgamation of ideas, which best describe and embody the work that we produce. A stimulus is taken and then, through an intense exploration process, we dive in and immerse ourselves in that particular world. Together, we hunt for the essence of the piece. What speaks to us as individuals and as an ensemble? What absolutely compels us to tell this particular story? Once we have captured this gut reaction, we begin work on placing it back together again in a new, re-imagined, accessible and relevant form. It is as if we literally smash apart the text (with a hammer!) and piece it back together like a jigsaw.  

Hammerpuzzle believe, and strive to maintain, that our work is forever storytelling, an act of generosity, an event. In other words, theatre that is communally shared between all involved, performer and audience alike.

Key Projects

Measure for Measure

Vincentio, Duke of Vienna, has temporarily passed all power over to his deputy, Angelo. In his new position, Angelo’s first action is to outlaw the act of love making outside the ties of wedlock; anyone found breaking this law shall be sentenced to death. A young gentleman by the name of Claudio is the first to suffer from this new sanction, as his wife to be, falls pregnant with his child. Isabella, Claudio’s sister, pleads with Angelo to be reasonable. However, to free her brother, she has to make a decision which challenges her every belief and existence. In this new adaptation, we plunge ourselves into a world ruled by male dominance, corruption, and lust, leaving ourselves questioning our moral beliefs in the society we live in today. Fusing music, visual imagery and the power of Shakespeare’s poetry, Hammerpuzzle’s Measure for Measure is sure to seduce any audience with its sheer vibrancy

Secret Party

"We have all been to one of those parties that we really shouldn't have gone to... but we ignored our instincts. Sam is throwing a party at his swanky London appartment. He has planned a night of drunken fun and hopes of getting lucky… so why hasn’t anyone arrived yet?" Let the games begin, the tensions rise, and the secrets bubble to the surface. Secret Party is an experimental piece of new writing; a tragi-comedy inspired by the real-life secrets of people from all around the world sent anonymously to Frank Warren’s phenomenal Post Secret project. Rather than re-inventing a classic story that everybody already knows, Hammerpuzzle are re-inventing a genre, thus inventing their own story, yet not in the slightest compromising their values of ensemble, ritual, movement, music, and poetry

The Spare Room

In a skewed reality, a wonky little house perches on a hill. Inside, a family exist through the monotony and boredom that has grown from their poverty. Once there was passion and warmth, now their memories of better days are merely whispers in the night, that sing along with the creaking eaves and howling wind. It seems that this is their ever-after. But one night, a guest arrives to turn their twisted world upside down…

The Tempest

A twisted reimagining of Shakespeare’s last work. Dynamic movement and imagery are interwoven with live music and choral song in an event that collides chance, fate, loneliness and the magic of all-conquering love. Playful, irreverent and high energy.

Key Personnel

Elizabeth Cummins
Company Director
Tamsin Joanna Kennard
Artistic Director

Organisation Info

  • Turnover: N/A
  • Employees: various
  • Year Established: 2007


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