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HInged Theatrical Productions

Hinged Theatre aims to unlock imagination, telling stories in exciting ways against a backdrop of technical artistry. Description We are an exciting new company, performing in unusual and diverse settings to introduce new audiences to theatre and inspire children and adults to read and enjoy stories together. Our first production Vasalisa and the Peacock, is an adaptation of a Russian fairytale Vasalisa the Wise. In our retelling Vasalisa goes on an adventure to find Baba Yaga the witch to get back the colours of the guardi an of the woods The Peacock ,we use aerial , fire , music, puppetry and physical comedy to tell our story , the audience are encouraged to help Vasalisa achieve her quest and trick The baba Yaga into restoring the Peacocks colour. The show's set was designed and built drawing on inspiration from Origami and paper engineering. Age 3+ We also produce large scale artistic installations through our sister company UN - hinged productions .