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Igne Barkauskaite

I am an actress and physical theatre workshop facilitator, and graduate of Ècole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. I’m seeking to create a daring theatre work through the use of inventive theatrical language, strong physical expression and musicality. My written portfolio and creative research revolve around the themes of the contemporary culture, globalisation, consumerism and intercultural dialogue. My interest in foreign languages has rewarded me with an opportunity to perform and collaborate with various theatre makers in different countries in Europe such The Edible Theatre (@ Bristol Old Vic, UK), The Mechanical Animal Corporation (Bristol); Shakespeare&Co (Paris), INDA (Syracuse, Italy); Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre (Panevezys, Lithuania); BreadKnives (London) and others.

Working from the principle that the performer must be the creator of his work, I teach Lecoq pedagogy-inspired storytelling, improvisation and devising techniques designed to enhance the performer’s imagination and encourage their creative autonomy. My workshops are based on the principles of devised ensemble work and have a strong emphasis on physicality, movement and personal research in this field. The aim of my teaching work is to create a stimulating and inclusive environment and provide my students with skills which they can then integrate in the development of their own work. I work with both professional and non-professional actors and as well as with people who use English as their second language.  

Here is some feedback from the recent workshops in Bristol:

Engaging and thought provoking as well as developing skills that will assist in creating performance. I really value the physical aspect of acting, too often acting is performed cerebrally. The trainer Igne was excellent and made sure we all got involved. I think the number of people who attended was also about right. ~ Shekhar V.

I really enjoyed the workshop and would definitely like to attend another one. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to continue my training/exploration and connect with other artists. It was extremely refreshing and I felt very welcome. ~ Sophie C.

Really enjoyed the second workshop done with Igne. Great to have access to her knowledge and insight to better inform my process as an actor. Look forward to the next. ~ Tabitha F.

I enjoyed the warm-up and games used to bring the group together. I felt very welcomed and I really enjoyed the teaching and exercises set by Igne. ~ Linda M.

The workshop was great. Igne is an incredible workshop leader! I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and hope to come back. I'd never done much physical theatre work before but it was a well structured class and really enjoyable. ~ Meg P.

Really enjoyed the Lecoq workshop. Good atmosphere and Igne set the tone perfectly. Very inclusive and great opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds/ages Would definitely come to another one. ~ Liz M.

The workshop is been very good. The teacher was very clear with the instructions and also clear explaining the meaning of each exercise. I really enjoyed a lot and I would like to do it again. ~ Maria C.

Very good workshop. Clear instructions. Interesting activities which I liked very much. I found this workshop very useful for developing my skills. I am looking forward to another one. ~ Iwona B.

The content of the workshops was very good, I learnt a lot and felt the space that was created was a safe place for exploring and having a go. Would love to attend again if possible. ~ Alice C

I am currently based in Bristol and am represented by Louise Alexander at Bristol Actors Management. You can contact me through my agent or get in touch directly via email: