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Johnny G Comedy Entertainer Tel: 0117 902 9130

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Listed as: Actor/Performer, Individual Artists

john.griffin23 [at]

0117 902 9130

15 Kingwell View
BS39 6LD
South West
ventriloquist, clown, magician, comedy, actor

John was born at the age of 0. He started school at 3 and finished at 3.15. He was an only twin, but not identical as his sister has a moustache. John was also the class clown, he was never particularly funny....but he had oversize feet and a big red nose.
He finished school with a Gcse in Englesh Langwidge, and unfortunately had to end his first chosen profession as a tree surgeon as he couldn't stand the sight of sap.
John is outstanding in his field, but will come in before it gets dark!

Specialising in -


Ventriloquism and clowning skills.

Comedy acting.

John also makes a very nice rice pudding!


Key Projects

Johnny G Tel: 0117 902 9130

15 Kingwell View, Bristol, BS39 6LD Johnny G i a comedy ventriloquist & Kids magician. An amazing comedy actor, and children's entertainer. Suitable for all comedy performances and Panto.