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Kecca Rocca

Welcome to Kecca Rocca 
(formerly Frenetic Engineering)

"Following the excitement about our JTCE selection with Bed it became clear that this new work deserves its own title. The work we are developing has its own identity and a different feel from the street theatre that Frenetic Engineering are known for so we are excited to launch a new sister company:

Kecca Rocca is from the Romani language and means "look out". It's also a reminder to not forget where one has come from and to speak the Romani language. In contemporary circus the true roots of the circus arts can often be forgotten; we as a company feel it is important to respect those roots. The show we are presenting is very different from the acts one would see in a traditional circus but without that tradition our work would not exist. We hope that Romany people will see this “borrowing” of their language as a mark of respect and of the hope that old traditions can be valued and stay with us even though we, and the world around us, are constantly changing." 

Annabelle Holland, Director

Annabelle worked in traditional and contemporary circus as an aerialist and then moved to street theatre and comedy as a knife thrower amongst other things. Her passion is to make work that aims to combine theatre and circus seamlessly. After four years growing as a director and assembling the perfect team, she is excited to be presenting her first, dream show. Annabelle has been mentored by Rob Tannion (Stan Won't Dance).


Key Projects


Bed is a voyeuristic journey into the private world of the beds and the heads of others - an eye to the keyhole of the bedrooms and dreams of everyday people. With one foot in the waking world and the other foot in different dream states, Kecca Rocca take you on an astounding and surreal journey of constantly changing environments and emotions. Blending circus, video, music and theatre they create a fantastic world of dark and light using poignant, beautiful and sometimes humorous imagery, derived from real life experiences. A world where anything can, and will, happen. Nightmare, Joy, Insomnia, Passion, Frustration, Loneliness, Love, Desperation, Fear, Insanity... All of these things, and more, come to us at some time in the middle of the night, in the only place where we are truly alone... our dreams. Photo credit & copyright: Hannah Edy/Kecca Rocca. Rights for reusage of the images is issued to Annabelle Holland courtesy of Hannah Edy/Crying Out Loud.

Key Personnel

Annabelle Holland
Jonathan Priest
Nathan Hughes
Film Maker
Anna Barrett
Technical Manager/Lighting Designer
Abi Hill
Production Manager
Netty Miles
Production Manager