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Lucie Sheppard

Throughout her education and creative career Lucie has worked in both dance and visual art, exploring, discovering and capturing movement in different forms and mediums. She is curious about looking at dance from different perspectives and considering its impact on other art forms and the everyday.

She has experience in filming multi-camera shoots, live performances, talks and events, festivals, documentaries, documentation of work (for archival purposes), promos/showreels for dance artists, and companies. She has also collaborated with dance artists to create dance for camera works.

She has her own equipment, including, editing software.Prices are tailored to each project.

Key Projects


Here's my 2014 showreel

MurleyDance - Autumn Tour 2014

I was commissioned by MurleyDance to film their Autumn Tour of 'Hail Britannia' in 2014. I documented their rehearsal process and the live performance to create a short documentation piece for their company.

AVA Dance Company - Promo 2014

AVA Dance Company commissioned me to create a promotional video to accompany the launch of their dance company in the UK.