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Lydia Blakemore Phillips

Growing up in the theatre, with her father a local Bristol Theatre critic, God-Father a director and Mother an artist. Lydia has been interested in following a career within the creative industry since she was young.

Studying and partaking in Bristol Old Vic Young Company for 10 years, Lydia has gained a well rounded background in theatre. 

At 24 years old Lydia is a First Class Degree graduate of The Unviersity of Wales, Newport and Newport Film School; having studied a BA (Hons) in Performing Arts. Through this 3 year course Lydia has learnt skills in devised work, physical theatre and naturalist film, radio and theatre.

Roles include parts in BBC productions such as Concord The Musical in 2003, Show of Strength's The Few in 2010 and Howard Barker's Ursula in 2014 where she played the title role for her University showcase. Lydia was also the narrator of the children's tale Nicholas The Stolen Reindeer a Christmas story in app form. Other credits include; a small role in Bohemia's production of Dick and Daisy at The Mission Theatre in April 2015 and 'Amelia' in The Industry by Type 40 Films as part of the ActorsAwareness campaign.

Taking part in work experience during the recording of The Road To Herat: A life Story Lydia has also found an interest in Radio work. Not only voice acting but also the sound and background sides to production.

More recently Lydia has performed with Ship & Castle Theatre Company. Lydia  played  Jane Seymour in the company's self written Six in November. She has also just finished a production, for the same company, written by Tom Phillips called No Time For Hope which follows the week that leads up to the Romanov murders.



Key Projects

'Nicholas the Stolen Reindeer'

I narrated for the story based app 'Nicholas the Stolen Reindeer'. An international project, written by Bristol based writer Tom Phillips and illustrated by Marina Shideroff, a Sofia based artist and brought together with funding from Switzerland.

'The Industry'

I played Amelia in this short film by Type40 Films. Supporting the campaign for 'Actor Awareness' in which, actor Tom Stocks is raising issues around support for working class actors.