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Monkey Trousers Theatre

Monkey Trousers Theatre is a Bristol-based theatre company producing and performing original plays for families and schools. It all began in April 2015 with the launch of the theatrical sitcom Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot Shop.

Need something new? Step inside the magical Gotalot Shop where you can buy anything and everything, and meet the friendly puppet shopkeeper Mr Gotalot, who is aided by the ever-eager shop boy Sidney. Will they be able to provide their customers with what they need before the conniving landlady Ms Barnet arrives to collect her rent?

Customers stepping through those hallowed doors have been Super Alan, a struggling superhero, in The Pants of Power; Captain Andromeda, a space explorer, in The Snot Rocket; Professor Von Stroopwaffell, Mad Scientist in training, in The Chinchilla Thriller and Muggins the Dwarf, Santa's very first elf substitute, in Santa School.

Next came the launch of our groovy game show just for kids in July 2016, Bob Random’s Shiny Quiz Time.

Our super shiny host Bob Random, assisted by the ever helpful Penny Whistle, leads two teams through a series of exciting games and crazy challenges, cheered on by the awesomely shiny Quiz Time audience. Boggle your brain with the Quick-fire Quiz. Hop aboard the style-tastic Fancy Dress Express. Take aim for the ball-istic Bob’s Bucket Head challenge! The games continue until one winning participant is crowned Monarch of the Moment! Every contestant taking part will also receive a completely exclusive, limited edition Shiny Quiz Time badge – as well as having a randomly fantastic time, of course!

Currently in development we have a show for younger children titled, The Forgetful Storyteller and the Sleepy Tree. Coming soon! Watch this space!

Want to join in the fun? Check out our upcoming shows, dates and booking information on our website.

For more information about the company and news of future shows, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and at

Forthcoming Events

Mr Gotalot's Pop-Up Shop presented by Monkey Trousers Theatre 20 Oct 20 Jul

Venue: Kelvin Players Studio Theatre
Full Price: £4 per child
Concession Price: Free for adults and children under 2 years old

Internet_pic_gotalot_pop_up_low_res_thumb A brand new interactive storytelling adventure for 2 to 5 year olds! Mr Gotalot has a magical shop. It sells anything and everything that you could ever, ever think of! And, gu...

Key Projects

Mr Gotalot's Gotalot Shop

The original theatrical sitcom for families brings puppetry, comedy, songs and storytelling to the families of Bristol and the South West. In Mr Gotalot's magical Gotalot Shop you can buy everything and anything that you could ever think of. Aided by his ever eager shop boy, Sidney, Mr Gotalot does everything he can to help an eclectic selection of customers who come to find help in his shop. Can they send their customers away happy before the meddling cantankerous landlady, Ms Barnet, turns up to spoil everything. For more information and latest show dates, check our website -

Bob Random's Shiny Quiz Time!

The very shiny Bob Random burst onto the game show scene in the fourth adventure of Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot Shop: Santa School. And guess what? He was such a hit that he has only gone and got his very own groovy show! BOB RANDOM’S SHINY QUIZ TIME! The ultimate groovy game show just for kids. Your very shiny host, Bob Random, and his super groovy assistant will lead two teams through a series of crazy games, challenges and quizzes, as they are cheered on by the awesome Quiz Time audience. Each contestant will receive a limited edition - not to be purchased anywhere - exclusive Shiny Quiz Time Badge. But only the shiniest player will be crowned Monarch of the Moment! Wannabe contestants should submit their name into the hat on entry to the hall. Six names will be drawn throughout the show to come up and compete. Will you be a winner? Come on down and shine in Bob Random's Shiny Quiz Time! For more information and latest show dates, please check our website

Mr Gotalot's Pop-Up Shop

A brand new interactive adventure for 2 to 5 year olds! Love the Gotalot Shop! Well, guess what? Mr Gotalot needs some help! Sidney, the usual shop assistant is on holiday, and Mr Gotalot just needs to pop down to the basement for a bit of a tidy up. Will you mind the shop for him? It’ll be very quiet. Thursdays are always quiet. Or are they? Ding-a-ling-a-ling! There goes the shop bell. Which of Mr Gotalot’s crazy customers will it be? The struggling superhero, the stranded space explorer or the mad scientist in training! With puppets, singing, dancing and games galore, join Monkey Trousers Theatre on a fantastic new interactive adventure for 2 to 5 year olds. Just drop in and join the fun! For more information and class dates, please check our website

Key Personnel

Frances Lewis
Creative Director
Charlotte Whitten
Creative Director