We’re currently developing this page to link you to networks and groups we either lead or play a key role in.

Networks are a vital way of connecting people, sharing information, ideas and resources. You’re welcome to contact us to find out more about any of these communities.

Bristol Theatre Parents Network

The Bristol Theatre Parent Network has been set up after conversations between Pins and Needles Productions, Travelling Light Theatre Company and Theatre Bristol about the challenges of juggling parenthood with careers in theatre. The intention is to create a forum to support parents through advice, collaboration and potentially even offers of childcare to support work life balance. A Facebook page has been set up in the first instance while a survey asking parents what they would like to get out of such a group is conducted. We hope the community built online will translate into a regular network of parents who can meet together in Bristol, attend useful events and support and mentor each other.

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Mother’s Who Make

Mothers Who Make is a peer support group and creative exchange session started by Matilda Leyser (Associate Director Improbable, Mother, Writer). It is for mothers who are artists – professional and/or passionate – writers, painters, actors, dancers, filmmakers, photographers…every kind of maker welcome, and every kind of mother. They meet monthly at Bristol Old Vic and the group is facilitated by one of the group.


Bristol Artists at Edinburgh Fringe

For the past 2 years we’ve got together as theatre companies and artists to make a Bristol artist initiative, #BristolArtists. The collective aimed to help reduce costs by sharing resources, like transport and accommodation, and to raise the profile of everyone’s shows. If you’re going to Edinburgh this year you can join the Facebook page, and if you’re interested in a meet up beforehand email .

Creative and Sustainable

We want to help cancel out production waste and encourage more recycling among the arts. Creative and Sustainable is a space to make your unwanted items available to everyone else. Join the Facebook page.

Performance in Bristol mailgroup

A mailgroup allows a group of people who want to share information about a given subject to do so via email. After joining a group you can send an email to all members of that group by sending an email to the group’s email address. This group is used by people across Bristol to let others know about performance events, happening and opportunities via email. Join here.