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Niall Farnan - Artist and Performer

I am a (trans) live artist and performer. I recently achieved a first class honours degree in Drama and Contemporary Theatre and will be furthering my career path through an MA Drama degree. I am available for a variety of work and love a challenge. I also have an interest in producing and directing. 

Although I don't take myself seriously, I do take my work seriously and am looking for opportunites in the Bristol, Bath and South Wales areas.

I am a transgender (trans-masculine non-binary to be exact if we want to get pedantic) forty something year old father, artist and performer. I have an inability to sit around doing nothing so I will give anything a go at least eight times. I originally started as a fine artist and twenty years later left my job and started a performance degree. Better late than never...which is strange as I hate being late for anything. As well as trying to at least one random thing a day I like to have conversations with my dog Bertie Wooster about the state of the world and how we can change it. 

Key Projects

Homage to Elagabalus - Bath Fringe

A 30 minute clay performance art piece which took place in a damp cellar using multi media and my body. It explored how transgender and non-conforming bodies are viewed by cisgender people and whether this is more acceptable in a performance space than in the everyday.

Sticky dicky

A transgender comedy stand up piece. Involving my penis and stories of the trials and tribulations of being a FTM Transguy.

The Stanley Miller Project

An ensemble piece influenced by The Wooster Group. What would you do with a box of old photographs and the belongings of a stranger long dead? This project explored the application of the archive in performance. Using the items left behind of an interesting man, Gay playwright and writer Stanley Miller 1917-1991 we created a mystical mish mash of myth, reality, story and fact. The Project records can be found online on Twitter @project_stanley and on Facebook. The project will continue after a short break over the Summer and I hope to be involved in a group podcast as well as creating my own.


A 'modern' take on Brian Friel's Translations. Directed by myself with student actors.

Elephants are the largest land mammals...

A play in development, this 15 minute section was written and directed by myself and performed by Daniel Holmes, actor and live artist. Part surreal narrative, part Butoh this was an experiment in grief, mental health, denial and acceptance. "There are currently 9000 in the UK. The danger is particularly acute when travelling on an unfamiliar route, perhaps making a daytime trip with your family to visit an old castle in the countryside. Perhaps there is no barrier. There may be a phone next to the roadside. What do you do?’ Some have no barriers, no lights and no audible warning. Look and listen carefully before crossing."