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OOOH ARRR Productions LTD

Making theatre fun, affordable and relevant in the West Country of England. Check out what the reviewers had to say: Hansel and Gretel - **** - RemoteGoat - Grease - *** - Great Expectations - **** RemoteGoat - OOOH ARRR PRODUCTIONS LTD. OOOH ARRR PRODUCTIONS LTD are a private company limited by shares. Registered company number: 10754687


Avenue Q

Profit Share

OOOH ARRR Productions present 'Avenue Q' after their succesful summer musical at The Redgrave Theatre in Bristol. This is a semi-professional prod...

Events Team


OOOH ARRR Productions are looking for two lively individuals to create a new branch of this small theatre company. OOOH ARRR Productions were form...