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Otherstory is a collaboration between puppeteers, artists, musicians and activists.
We want to tell stories that connect us to each other across place and time.  Stories that run counter to the narratives of the powerful, and that reflect a tradition of storytelling which belongs to everyone.

We are a collective of independent artists based in Bristol and have been working together since February 2010.

We can run workshops to accompany some of our shows and projects, including shadow puppetry, live animation and bike puppets.

Key Projects

Not Only to Rock the Boat, but Indeed to Sink it

Originally devised for the anti Shell pipeline campaign in County Mayo, this show tells the rousing tale of an earlier struggle of the people of Mayo and their pirate queen, who defied the marauders of the English crown.

Roots of Resistance

This show celebrates the rise of radical ecological activism in the last 20 years: from the treetops of Newbury to the tops of power stations.

Escape was on Everyone's Mind - the Tale of Jack Sheppard

See how an ordinary apprentice carpenter from East London became the legendary jailbreaker and hero of the people, whose fame spread across oceans. Witness his daring and miraculous escapes. Watch him outwit judges, jailers and the Thiefcatcher General - until the hangman's noose beckons and it's now or never, neck or nothing... A playful, political, visually stunning tale of daring and resistance This is Otherstory's biggest project to date and we are now taking bookings for spring and summer 2015

The day we blocked the railway

A show telling the story of a protest at an open cast coal mine in Wales. Featuring a large cast of comical cops, and a very catchy song. Watch a live recording at

The Norse Myth - 'Ragnarok'

The world is descending into chaos. The gods and the warriors of Valhalla go to fight the final battle. Odin faces the wolf Fenrir while Thor fights the serpent Jormungand but is this the end or is it the beginning? A shadow puppet show for winter nights

Key Personnel

Emma Byron
Performer and maker
Trevor Houghton
Performer and maker
Sarah Green
Performer and maker
Paul Walker
Sound, music, graphic art
Catherine Lambert
Graphic arist