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PanGottic is an award-winning company co-founded by Matt Pang and Revital Gottshalk in 2008 after both graduating from Circomedia.

We create work to be performed on the street, in theatres, and other indoor settings. Our work is a mix of circus, physical comedy, theatre and bespoke contraptions created and made by the company. In most cases our work contains little or no text and tours both nationally and internationally.

The majority of our work is created to be accessible for all, regardless of age, nationality or race.

More info:

PanGottic is a Limited Company | Company Number: 10333268

Key Projects

Full Twist

Theatre & Outdoor Show Created: 2009 Tour: 2009 - 2011 Award winning Full Twist is an upbeat silent physical comedy, mixing a unique blend of physical theatre, clowning, mask and contemporary circus, which follows the hilarious warm-hearted journey of quirky couples stumbling into love. This is an epic tale of pathos and absurdity where you can expect to see everything from wine tasting and smashing glass to heart dropping and controversial baby juggling...! Full Twist is a highly original exciting spectacle full of dynamic choreographed routines, slick object manipulation and wacky audience participation, producing an engaging and innovative piece of Circus - Theatre without using a single word.

Yalla Yalla

Theatre Show Created: 2010/11 Toured: 2011 Mixing physical comedy, circus-theatre and live music Yalla Yalla is a unique and surreal spectacle inspired by silent comedy films. This is PanGottic's second full length project which has seen preview shows at Jacksons Lane in London and recieved critical acclaim during its two week run at The Brewery, Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol in March/April 2011. "A brilliant mix of circus skills, physical theatre, comedy and music... moments of great skill followed by laugh-out-loud humour." (Bristol Culture) "Full of colour, wit and energy... This is a creative, innovative and truly inspired piece of theatre" (9/10 Bristol Evening Post) Yalla Yalla also picked up two awards at the end of 2011 - 2nd place in Bristol Cultures "Theatre - Best of 2011" and 3rd place in Venue's "Best of 2011, Play of the Year awards". Yalla Yalla was supported by: Arts Council Engand, Circomedia, Jacksons Lane, The Lighthouse, Tobacco Factory Theatre


Outdoor Show Created: 2012 Touring: 2012 - Present Inspired by the famous Rube Goldberg Machines; “a comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation” (Webster’s New World Dictionary). Thingamabob is a spectacle which brings a highly original devised, ball slinging, self exploding contraption to the public where they, the audience, become part of the machine themselves and play a role to ensure the complete satisfaction of watching one of these wonderful chain reaction machines work. This show uses a mixture of circus, invention and comedy to bring a mesmerising piece of gadgetry to life. All presented with PanGottic’s charm and wit captivating the audience right up until the moment the machine animates itself, its inventor and its audience.

Logic of Nothing

Theatre Show Creation: 2012/13 Touring: Autumn 2013 Onwards Welcome to the world of Oscar Boffin; a slightly obsessive compulsive hoarder, inventor and a man who has filled his home with gadgets and contraptions, to make his life easier (or harder, depending on how well they work). Doohickey is a Heath Robinson/Rube Goldberg inspired piece of non-verbal Circus-Theatre. An exploration into a relationship between man, circus and contraption using a blend of clown, juggling, magic and invention, all set to a unique live soundtrack of sounds and samples taken from the contraptions themselves. Follow the creation here:


The Old School

The Old School The Old School is home to PanGottic and their rehearsal and workshop space, the rehearsal space is available for hire when not in company use. The Old School is situated very close to Bristol Airport on the outskirts of Bristol.

Key Personnel

Matt Pang
Co-Founder, Artistic Director, Performer
Revital Gottshalk
Co-founder, Director
Catherine Boot