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Paul Nash aka North Sea Navigator

Paul Nash moved to Bristol, UK in 2003 to join Warp-signing Gravenhurst and to form North Sea Navigator.

Leaving Gravenhurst to concentrate on his own project, Paul expanded North Sea Navigator to a live 3-piece with Charlotte Nicholls and Timothy X Atack (Angel Tech), subsequently self-releasing Alibis EP and ‘stunning debut album’ (Rock Sound)
Make the Blacklist.

Expanding to a live 4-piece with Neil Johnson (Angel Tech), NSN toured with Rose Kemp. Paul collaborated with Kemp on the track 'Edward' (Silber Records) and Johnson on NSN’s ‘timeless and fascinating’ (Rock Sound) second studio LP Among the Dead City (2009).

Currently in production is third studio LP, Lights in Darkest England, which was recorded as a 4-piece.

As a composer/sound designer for stage/film, Paul has written music for sleepdogs’ Dark Land Light House (a sci-fi horror for the stage) and an album of instrumental tracks for FELT Music.

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Key Projects

Alibis EP

Debut 4-track EP CDR released 2004. 10th Anniversary Remaster Digital EP (KILLCROW002) released 2014. Paul Nash – guitars, vocals Charlotte Nicholls – cello, vocals Timothy X Atack – percussion, keys, strings All songs/lyrics wriiten by Paul Nash. Performed/produced by North Sea Navigator. Remastered by Neil Johnson.

Among the Dead City

Second LP CD/Digital LP (KILLCROW001/BRAIN-GEL006) released 2009. Music by Paul Nash/Neil Johnson. Words by Paul Nash. Recorded & produced by Paul Nash/Neil Johnson. Mastered by Paul Nash/Neil Johnson. (C) 2009 Nash/Johnson. (P) 2009 KILL CROW/BRAIN-GEL. Paul Nash – guitars, vocals, keys Neil Johnson – guitars, vocals, keys Charlotte Nicholls – cello, backing vocal

Make the Blacklist

10th Anniversary Remaster CD/Digital LP (2015) KILLCROW003 (Marketing Label: Kill Crow) (P) 2015 Kill Crow (C) 2015 North Sea Navigator (Debut CDR LP NSN-001 originally self-released 2005)

Dark Land Light House

Dark Land Light House is a visual and visceral sci-fi horror – 2001: A Space Odyssey, spliced with the ancient unspeakable terrors of HP Lovecraft, with all-enveloping sound and music inspired by Ben Frost and Richard Skelton. Written by Timothy X Atack Directed by Tanuja Amarasuriya Original Music and Sound by North Sea Navigator & Timothy X Atack Production Design by Rosanna Vize Lighting Design by Ben Pacey Projection & Video Design by Rod Maclachlan Cast includes: Laura Dannequin, Derek Frood, Jessica Macdonald Premiere shows: 20th – 30th April 2016, Bristol Old Vic. Sleepdogs will be touring Dark Land Light House in 2017. If you’re interested in booking the show, please contact Kate Yedigaroff or Matthew Austin at MAYK for all the details. Thank you.

North Sea Navigator

Emotionally rich and sonically deep. A pure cinematic ambient soundtrack from master composer, Paul Nash.