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Pirates of the Carabina

Pirates of the Carabina (POC) is a new company comprised of 10 British, Irish, Finnish and American circus artists, riggers and musicians. Formed organically out of a one-off commissioned performance for Glastonbury Festival in 2011, POC is a group of experienced artists who felt the need for a platform to develop their own ideas, and bring to the stage the qualities, skills and quirks that best expressed their essence. The company's first show FLOWN was born out of the Glastonbury commission. FLOWN exists because of the performers who created it, and is continuously evolving. Every artist within the show has the license to develop their act as they see fit. POC feel that this group ownership of the work is essential and have a firm belief that continuing to work from this basis will generate a unique, honest energy that will be felt by the audiences as well as serve as a source of creative drive for new, constantly evolving work. POC specialise in creating unique acts and stunts, combining these with heartfelt humour and honest performance.

Following a mini tour in Autumn 2012, FLOWN has toured throughout Spring & Summer 2013 to Venues across the UK,
to capacity crowds at Glastonbury Festival, Bristol Circus Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe where the company received a Total Theatre Award for Physical/Visual Theatre.

FLOWN is a vibrant, poignant and surprising show that mixes comedy and chaos with bold physicality and an original live soundscape. Based around the lives of a touring circus troupe, the show follows the characters as they attempt to stage a professional circus production.
Inspiration is drawn from the extremes experienced by the performers – their excitement, fear, madness and exhaustion is openly shared with the audience.

Featuring hand balancing, cyr wheel, high wire, never-ending silks, flying pole, counterweight hoop, flying drums and unexpected aerial stunts.

Flown is devised by the company, and directed by James Williams.