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Rebecca Marta D'Andrea

Rebecca Marta D'Andrea is a dance artist based in Bristol. Her work explores improvisational forms of creativity across different mediums, as a way to investigate the role of perception in shaping and being shaped by our environment. Coming from a background in physical theatre and ballet, she graduated in Choreography at Dartington College of Arts in 2006, and has ever since continued studying and researching composition and improvisation (Inteatro Festival Academy 2007, Milon Mela Residency 2008, OperaEstate B-Motion Master Classes 2008-2011, GD’A Prize Veneto Professional Development 2010, P.O.R.C.H. Ponderosa 2012).She creates performances and installations internationally, often in collaboration with artists from other disciplines (Disabitata-Dresshead,(2010); The Void, Punti di Svista (2011); When, Practices for Embodied Freedom, (2012); Intrecci, Totem Archaeology of the Body, Les Etoiles qui Tombent (2015); Tracing Invisible Identities, Body as a Context for Reconnections (2016); and co-organizes events to promote the dialogue across art forms. In Bristol she facilitates some of the warm up classes for Bristol Contact Improvisation, and shares elements of her movement research at The Island Dance Space and other venues (Inside Out Dance Classes 2013-16, MovementLAB 2016, Experimental Bodies 2014).The score written for “Totem Archaeology of the Body” has been recently published in Italy as part of the Anthology: “Performance Project:#Complici di una Scena Presente” curated by Max Schiavoni. She has currently completed an MA in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban, Independent Dance and Siobhan Davies Studios with the support of a Gill Clarke Bursary, of Leverhulme Arts Scholars Awards.




MA Creative Practice: Dance Professional Practice Pathway. 

Independent Dance,Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London (UK) Sept. 14 Sept. 16  

Supported by Leverhulme Art Fund, Gill Clarke Bursary.


BA (Hons) in Choreography – mark 2:1 (Upper Division). 

Dartington College of Arts, Devon (UK) Sept. 03 – June 06

Dissertation Title: 'The Relationship between Audience and Performer in Improvised



Erasmus Scholarship Sept. 05 – Dec.05

SNDO (School for New Dance Development) Amsterdam, Holland.


Classical Diploma Sept. 97 – June 02

Liceo Classico ‘A.Canova’, Treviso, Italy– mark 74/100

AFS Scholarship:Intercultural Exchange Programme Aug. 00-July 01

Maaswall College, Wijchen, Holland.


Professional Development:


Education for Sustainable Development Course, Asha Centre, Forest of Dean, June 2013, supported by British Council.


P.O.R.C.H. 2012 Ponderosa Performance and Choreographic Module. Performance making and choreographic research mentored by Meg Stuart, Keith Hennessy, Sarah Shelton Mann, Eszter Gal, Peter Pleyer, Jess Curtis, Jules Beckman, June-August 2012.


Teatri Spa, Theatre Light basic course, (tech and design) Treviso, Italy, April-October 2010.


Operaestate B-motion Residencies and Master Classes, 2008-2011. Studies with Emio Greco‘s Accademia Mobile, Nigel Charnock, Yasmeen Godder, Lucy Cash, Gitta Wigro,Simona Bertozzi, Laura Moro, Kip Johnston, Matanicola, Natcho Montero, Stian Danielsen, Silvia Gribaudi, Sharon Fridman, Chiara Frigo.Residential studies and performances with Yasmeen Godder (Venice Biennale Arsenale Danza 2010), Freddie Opoku Addaie, Laura Moro.


Residential Study with Milon Mela Theatre Company, Bristol, Italy and India (Theatre House, Shantiniketan), August 2008-January 2009.


Main Projects:


Reconnecting Bristol: Body as a Context for Reconnections. This project offers an interactive space for the visitors of the Reconnecting Bristol Exhibition to engage in the act or remembering disused places in the city and embody physical sensations emerging by 're-tracing' them on paper as a contemplative practice. An armchair, a blank wall, drawing material and paper are provided, with the suggestion to sit, relax, close the eyes and allow memories to arise and let the hands transfer onto paper a mark of their resonance. In a series of live interactions, performers engage in an embodiment of their memories related to disused sites. Movement is accompanied by sounds collected from different sites and dialogues with the work presented in the exhibition and the traces left on paper by the visitors, as coordinates of an imaginary map of a new time and space. Concept: Rebecca Marta D'Andrea Sounds: Marcell Gulyas, Aya Zebrowska. Live Exploration : Silvia Carderelli Gronau, Rebecca Marta D'Andrea, Holly Thomas. COLAB, Bristol, September 2016.

Tracing Invisible Identities. This performance project, composed as part of the Independent Project of the MA Creative Practice of Trinity Laban, Independent Dance, Siobhan Davies Dance, investigates the relationship between the body and its inner and outer environments, as a negotiation between imagined and concrete landscapes in constant transformation. The dancing body explores landmarks of the imagination, mapping the unravelling of a path through space that , accompanied by live projections , is  constantly rearranged in relationship to an 'inner journey'. Performers: Rebecca Marta D'Andrea, Natalie Claire Ridge, Yuiming Wong. Soundscape: Daniel Cioccoloni. London, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, May-July 2016.

Intrecci, Artistic Residency at Lago Film Festival for Lago Pulsart. An interactive installation and performance project, gathering memories from visitors and inhabitants of Lago (TV, Italy). Within the context of the Film Festival, the village was remapped through tagging, land marking and storytelling aspects of its archival history as carried by the living bodies of its temporary and permanent inhabitants. Lago,(TV, Italy), July 2015. 


Totem- Archeology of Movement. A study of hidden and known memories enclosed within the body through a mapping of felt sensations. How can we identify the resonance of layers of past that are enclosed in our present moment, and acknowledge their impact on the way we move and our decision making? Is our way of moving a constant recognition, reverberation and rearrangement of elements of our past? How does our past define our sense of identity? The solo, has been created as part of the Investigative Practice Module of the MA in Creative Practice with the mentoring support of choreographer Rosemary Butcher and Kirsty Alexander, and was presented in Venice in August 2015 as part of the exhibition SELF Memories, at Venice Art House, at Independent Dance in September 2015 as part of the Feedback Forum sessions, and The Island Open Studios, Bristol.


Dance in Words. A short piece exploring poetry emerging from movement and movement merging with poetry, exploring the tension between a felt sense of narratives and abstract movement. Kuumba Live, October 2013, Dance Hub Open Day December 2013, Bristol (UK).


Embrace: Practice for Embodied Freedom.  A choreographic investigation of the act of embracing and of its energetic impact on the surrounding space. Created with the support of Interval, Testing Grounds (Theatre Bristol), Ponderosa and in collaboration with performer/creators Katye Hall, Nicolle Vieira, Eva Martino. July, Berlin (Germany)-Bristol (UK). July-November 2012.


When. A choreographic investigation of what happens in the gaps of perception, when our body is felt as pure vibration. Choreography selected as part of Premio Equlibrio 2012, with the support of Ass. Deposito Bagagli and Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma, in collaboration with Movimento Denso, Roberta Testino (light design),Franco Scibilia (tech),  Rome, January-February 2012.


The Void.  An exploration of a quantum physics definition of ‘void’ as a starting point for performance investigation. The project was selected and developed for ‘Research into the Unknown Improvisational Laboratory’ : a three months  studio based research project in dialogue with local artists at Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Workshop Foundation, Budapest, with a final performative event at MU Szinaz in December 2011. Mentored by dance artist Eszter Gal, supported by Culture Programme of the European Union and DÉPARTS. Budapest, (Hungary), October-December 2011.  A detailed description of the process can be found on:


 Lago Film Festival Artistic Residency: ‘Punti di Svista’ is a participatory performance project in collaboration with Movimento Denso,investigating our perception of everyday reality by displacing and re-framing it through real-time choreographic editing interventions. Italy, July 2011/December 2011.  Final performance documentation:


GD’A Veneto Prize Finals 2010. Bassano del Grappa and other locations (Italy), November 2009-June2010. A Professional Development Prize for young dance makers to develop a choreographic project mentored by national and international guest artists, supported by Operaestate Festival and Arteven and Regione Veneto.  The solo project Disabitata-Dresshead created in collaboration with Movimento Denso, and Ass. Cult.Deposito Bagagli  2010 was toured in various Festivals: Conglobarte, TempusAeris, International Dance Raids, Per non Perdere il Filo, and further developed in a series of artistic residencies: Dies-Giorni Contati Creative Residency supported by Stalker Teatro, Officine Caos, March 2011, Turin (Italy). Mosaico danza, Inside /Off Festival, November 2010, Turin, (Italy).


IFA 07 (Inteatro Festival Academy), Polverigi, Ancona, March-June 2007. Participation to the artistic residency with the project ‘You Are My Home’, presented during the Splash section of Inteatro Festival developed during a three months period mentored by artists in residence: Big Art Group (US), Gustavo Frigerio (IT),Nico and the Navigators (Berlin) Benjamin Verdonk(B), Goran Sergej Pristaš, Emil Hrvatin(HR).



Key Projects


STARe a dance solo by Rebecca Marta D'Andrea photo by Chiara Bizzarra Giovanelli Bussana Vecchia, Teatro Clem, August 2017.