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ROLLING STAGE: BRINGING CUTTING EDGE PERFORMANCE OUT INTO THE OPEN Rolling Stage has been taking beautiful and accessible cutting edge performance out of the white box gallery space since 2010. We’ve found our home at some of the UK’s key festivals and events with our fresh and innovative approach to the performing arts and events scene. From wild to subtle, risqué to family friendly,Rolling Stage pushes your audience’s buttons in all the right places. INTERACTIVE THEATRE Somewhere in the boundaries between theatre, live art and visual art, RS creates experiences to transport you to other realities. Our work takes you on a journey of the senses and emotions that will challenge and transform, delight and perturb. Through rich multi-disciplinary collaborations we create electrifying avant garde performances for specific events and places.

Key Projects


ROLLING STAGE PRESENTS THE HOTEL “Book into The Hotel and let your stories unfold …” Be our guest at The Hotel and be taken on a journey through your senses. Examining what it means to be alive, this interactive guided tour performance explores an eclectic mix of interesting characters, intriguing scenes, captivating stories and compelling installations. The Hotel splits the delicate veil between the real and the surreal, spinning stories within stories and drawing you ever deeper into a world that walks the line between the public and the private, the intimate an the voyeuristic. We invite you to a story of loss, love and laughter. We invite you to be our guest at The Hotel. The Hotel is an immersive show created by a team of twenty-five performers, visual artists, sound instillation artists, and set designers. Originally devised in The Looking Glass, a disused building in central Bristol, it ran for a week in May and then again at Shambala Festival in Aug 2012. The team is now developing and fine-tuning the show to take to Edinburgh Fringe 2013


Rolling Stage & The Motorcycle Showrooms have joined forces to present The Looking Glass Arts Bar & Gallery Artistic Vision Rolling Stage & The Motorcycle Showrooms have come together to co-create a new venue and gallery space in the centre of Bristol. With a fresh and innovative approach to the arts and events scene, The Looking Glass is an ambitious new venue. Presenting and producing cutting edge works covering Live Music, DJs, Performance Art, Theatre, Installation and Visual Art. Our aim is to stimulate and inspire our audience while providing artists with the opportunity to take risks and bring to Bristol exciting new works. The Looking Glass is set to challenge the norms of what an arts bar and gallery space can be. History Emerging from a derelict council owned building formally known as The Rummer Inn. This atmospheric venue space is steeped in a rich history dating back to 1241. As Bristol’s first coaching house it accommodated guests such as Elizabeth I, Charles I, II and Oliver Cromwell. The first Freemasons’ Lodge dinner was held at the Inn in 1735 and continued until 1812. Many literary meetings took place at the inn and the poet S.T. Coleridge published his magazine, ‘The Watchman’ here. Remaining closed from 1999, The Looking Glass was launched in 2012 as an arts space for emerging artists. In 2013 Rolling Stage & The Motorcycle Showrooms joined forces to create The Looking Glass Arts Bar & Gallery. The Capacity Project The Looking Glass is part of Bristol City Council’s Capacity Project. Capacity opens up empty and underused buildings for creative uses for the benefit of Bristol’s creative community, residents and visitors to the city and make Bristol a progressive city in which these activities can take place.

Key Personnel

Sarah Middleton
Company Director, Creative Producer