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roman cywinski

Hello all. I am an accent, dialect and voice coach working within both the education and amateur dramatic sectors. I am able to provide anything from fun workshops to character building for specific plays through to the development of lifelong voice techniques for budding actors. I specialise in accents and dialects from the UK, US and Europe but character development from potentially any corner of the world. I also have a business that uses impressions from the world of sports, celebrity and politics that are used as video parodies in various commercial sectors. I am therefore able to help the development of techniques I have designed to master well-known characters for either career performers or simply those wishing to develop a fun and very enjoyable social skill. I am a fully-qualified PGCE experienced teacher/lecturer with full DBS clearance and am a semi-professional voice impressionist based in Bristol. I am looking to help individual actors, performers and theatre groups of all age groups, backgrounds and cultures. I have provided various video demonstrations here and if interested would love to meet to discuss what you have in mind. Thank you, Roman.

Key Projects

Roman Cywinski

Hello I am an accent, dialect and voice coach and can provide anything from fun workshops to character development for plays through to lifelong techniques for budding actors. I am PGCE-qualified with DBS and hope you enjoy my brief UK Tour video with contact details at the end. Many thanks, Roman.

Roman Cywinski-Impressionist & Voice Coach

Impression of John Lydon asking a few well known music pals whether they would join him on a march to see the Queen.

Roman Cywinski-Football & Celebrity Impressionist & Voice Coach

Steven Gerrard explains how he bought a deep understanding of philosophy into the Liverpool dressing room to Gary Lineker.

Roman Cywinski-Accent and dialect voice coach

25 accents of the UK and Ireland within two minutes demonstration-hope you enjoy it.