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Sara Zaltash


Sara Zaltash is a live artist working with action, installation and event. Inhabiting a poetic space between mediated and unmediated experience, Zaltash makes daring work that enacts her evolving engagement with political, philosophical and spiritual realities. Often, she sings. Her work is disarmingly funny, enchantingly hospitable and prone to radicalism.

At the centre of her practice is the need to challenge everything, including herself, and to prise open a compassionate space for questions. A fast talker and quick thinker with an eye for the right materials, Zaltash’s style is spun from effervescence and heroism, rage and wonder, philosophy and evangelism. Out of popular movements, digital lives and ancient practices, Zaltash seeks frontiers, pioneers and revolutions.


Born in Reading (UK) in 1985 to Iranian parents, Sara Zaltash was simultaneously raised within Catholic and Muslim faiths. As child she traveled the world, and during her adult life she has developed strong links with Iran and considers her dual heritage to be the starting point for the multiple lives she leads. Zaltash has been performing as an actor, musician and live artist since 2004. She holds a BA Theatre, Film and Television (Bristol, 2008), MA Performance, Culture, Context (Leeds, 2011), Postgraduate Language Certificate in Persian Language and Literature (Tehran, 2010) and a Graduate Diploma in Law (BPP, 2013). She has lived and worked in Bristol, San Francisco, London, Leeds and Tehran, as well as presenting work all over England and in Edinburgh, Stockholm, Aurillac, Bucharest and Berlin. Sara Zaltash is a member of Bristol-based artist-run collective, Residence


Key Projects

Tuul - a durational performance trilogy

Tuul – a trilogy, draws on Sara Zaltash’s experience as a British-Iranian woman growing up through rock and roll, religion and cultural transgression. The word, Tuul, means "duration" in Farsi. The artwork consists of three separate durational pieces that together form a trilogy. Extending the duration of the artwork to encompass the duration of an adult lifetime, Sara plans to perform the trilogy in its entirety every year for the rest of her life. Through song, action, hospitality and the Persian language, Tuul deals broadly with how Iranian culture is portrayed and experienced in the UK, the surveillance and voyeurism of Iranian women, and the lesser-examined role that matriarchs play in the oppression of women in Iranian society. The work is populist and spiritual, bolshy and brave, it disarms with humour and has an endearingly poignant message and sensual aesthetic. From 2011-2013, the individual works in Tuul were commissioned by and developed with Basement Arts Project (Leeds), East Street Arts (Leeds), Something Human (London), Anatomy (Edinburgh) and The Owl Barn (Gloucestershire). In November 2014, Sara Zaltash will perform the entire trilogy together for the first time at the Milk Bar, home to performance collective Residence, in Bristol.