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School of Writers

School of Writers produces music & drama productions for Stage Licensing through Provision of Copyright Scripts. School of Writers provides a Platform for new theatre by writing directly for the Stage of Politico critique that is part of the Central European Tradition of Ionesco and Havel. We produce Foreign Language scripts and our vacancies in the Company are for translation specialists and dual-language performers.

Key Projects

School of Writers

1. Translation of Drama in Czech into English and other languages 2. Production of Theatre in Central European Languages on the theme of Cultural Critique 3. Cultural tour facility in Czech lands and Hungary


Arts Subsidy

The current argument regarding ARTS Subsidy is that ONLY by SUBSIDISING  Theatre do theatres run as b usinesses NOT end up Catering to the Low...


Touring theatre

Touring theatre players required for Czech plays translated into English - Havel legacy Experience of Central European Drama tradition an advantage